Can God create evil?

Who created the serial killer—or the mentally ill???This is a serious question—Obviously the answer Is God! But please don’t tell me the serial killer BECAME that way but God created him “normal” —That’s why I asked the question about the mentally ill who are Created that way. As you can probably tell Im having a big problem with my faith and I have 100 more questions—but just in case this is not an appropriate question for this forum----
Here’s another—The real presence of the body and blood of Christ in the eucharist a dogma of the church—so, in effect, we are eating Jesus—when and by whom was this made a doctrine of the church----Why couldn’t it have just been symbolic?

The following links should assist you in better understanding the Catholic Church’s teaching on the existence of evil. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by these links, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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