Can god forgive shizophrenia?

Hello, I’m new to the forum, my name is Alix, I’m female and I’m 22 years old. I suffer from schizophrenia from birth due to brain injury the day of my delivery.

I’ve been hospitalized multiple times and tried several neuroleptic treatments that all failed.

Now, when I pray god, I hear awful words in my mind, sometimes. Things like “Hate god”, awful things like that. I dodn’t know where these voices come from but I know they’re caused by shizophrenia. Sometimes I can fight them, sometimes I can’t. Fortunatelly it’s not everyday, I can spend a whole week without hearing them, and when I do so I feel blessed.

When I pray god I always pray him with my voice, not with my mind for I know my brain doesn’t function properly, and i know i may lose the control of it anytimes. It is such an awful feeling to love god and to hear a voice telling you awful things about him. Shizophrenia caused me to be 2 persons at once, sometimes. And it does bring me to tears. Because i have the feeling i can not give the wholeness of my life to god, but only an half.

These voices torture me.

God has the capacity to forgive anything. God also understands your suffering. This is also why God created man to help his fellow man. Your schizophrenia is a disease, not an outright denial of God. God understands this also. If you hear voices tell your Mom or Dad or someone close to you. The doctors are working very hard for your successful treatments I hope. Only by relating what you hear as voices that tell you God is bad to the doctors can they adjust your meds. I’m sure you know these things already though, right?
Well I’ll pray a prayer for you.

Novena prayer to St. Anthony of Padua

O Holy St Anthony,gentlest of Saints,
your love for God and Charity for his creatures,
made you worthy, when on earth, to possess
miraculous powers.
Miracles waited on your word, which you were
ever ready to speak for those in trouble or
anxiety. Encouraged by this thought, I implore
you to obtain for Alix
medication and remission of her schizophrenia
that she may live as a complete person,
and be rid of her second personality]
The answer to my prayers for Alix may require a
miracle. Ever so, you are the Saint of Miracles.
O gentle and loving St. Anthony, whose heart
was ever full of human sympathy, whisper my
petitions into the ears of the Sweet Infant Jesus,
who loved to be folded in your arms; and the
gratitude of my heart will be ever yours,
I wish you the best of luck Alix. God Bless

Fr, Thomas Santa has a great book on Scrupulosity, which might be part of your problem. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can also cause this. It is common to think about what we fear the most. What is more scary than inappropriate thoughts in church or during prayer?

If I offered someone a million dollars to NOT think about carrots for one hour, for a lot of people, all they could think about during that hour is carrots. They might even become *obsesssed *with thoughts of carrots!

God knows exactly where your heart is. These thoughts do not come from you heart, but from that fleshy organ inside of your head called the brain. It is a physical problem where the neuro pathways can cross causing your thoughts of devotion to mix with the very things you know are bad.

Talk to God about these thoughts. He knows the thoughts of your heart and spirit. This is a lot more common than you might think. Don’t let this bother you for one more minute!

Be at peace dear one.

My father had this illness and it made him a little wacko sometimes. But no matter what evil words jump from your mind, God knows your true feelings and love. Thank the Lord that he is so forgiving and mercifull to us! You are fine, don’t ever let something like this get to you. The best thing to do is to not stress but come to God completely calm in his peace and serenity that he so dutifully offers us.:D:bounce::heaven:

One thing I love about this site is that if some one is in destress, there are always plenty of people to come to your aid! His spirit in is us and we are his temple.

I know what psychotic breaks from reality mean Alix. I can and do sympathize with you. I ended up in hospitals many times due to psychosis and halucinations. I am a manic depressive, and if my antidepressants don’t work I hear voices. Like that of demonic beings telling me I’m not important to others and that God doesn’t love me. [is this how yoou feel?] You are not alone in this area. It’s the disease, you know that, right?
Hang in there Alix, God is with you every step of the way

If you’d like we can send each other messages, ok?
God loves you, Alix:heart: and we here at CAF love you too.:wink:

Alix, I will pray for you. You have been given sound advice.

I wanted to share that while I do not suffer from schizophrenia, I too have voices and images during prayer. Infact, you have inspired me when you said you pray out loud. I think I will try that.

Last night as I was praying I had my eyes closed and I kept having visions of demons with red eyes. I’ve also get moments of intense doubt. When I can’t handle it I go straight into an “Our Father.” Infact, this morning I was just wondering why I keep having these visions. I also got sick. But I’m not sure what that was about. I’m fine now.

I know God exists and so I cling to that. I don’t know why it occurs, but I look at it as a way to continue praying faithfully rather than succumbing to what I imagine.

Peace be with you, Alix. :hug1:

Dear Alix. First, I’d like to welcome you to Catholic Answers. :hug1: I’m glad that you’re here. :slight_smile:

In regard to the title of this thread… “Can God forgive schizophrenia”… it is my humble opinion, that there is nothing to forgive, dear soul. The question is similar to asking… “Can God forgive cancer”. You are suffering from a recognized medical condition, which resulted from an apparent trauma, during your birth; you are not responsible for this; :slight_smile: You have sought treatment and are living with the cross God has chosen for you to carry. All of us have different crosses, to carry through life. This is how our Heavenly Father makes us “Christ-like”.

As far as the voices you hear… it is difficult for me to comment, because I have not experienced schizophrenia. But I think it IS somewhat common for everyone… from time to time… to be taunted, in this way; with thoughts and distractions (which could even seem like “voices”) during prayer.

If you are able to, I would suggest that you attend Eucharistic Adoration… at least for short periods. It has been my experience, that “distractions” are greatly minimized in the Presence of Our Lord, Jesus Christ; Adoration has been an enormous blessing in my life and in the life of my mother (who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease).

God bless you, Alix. I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts and contributions.

I have to say this, Alix, that God knows you don’t hate him. I have no doubt whatsoever that God knows the difference between your own thoughts and your illness. God knows you love him and he sees your struggles and I bet He admires your efforts to pray even when it’s difficult. Especially when it’s difficult.

God knows.


The random thoughts triggered by mental illness are not voluntary. Therefore, you or anyone else with this condition is free of sin.

You need to freely think evil or do evil to be guilty.

There is nothing to forgive. Be at peace and take care of your health.


JR :slight_smile:

First, thank you for such a warm welcome and for all your prayers!:heart:

It makes me feel a bit less lonely to hear other people have faced the same horror as me, and that it can be pretty common. And yes you can try to pray out loud when your mind is going wrong.

mary1173 I didn’t know that manic depressive could face the same syptoms as schizophreniacs, it 's so awfull that a disease like that can try to waste our relationship with god, I know we must be strong and resistant no matter what, but it’s terrifying to feel yourself misbehaving toward god.

I have received some water from Lourdes a few days ago for I live in France, if you don’t know about Lourdes you may want to read this: It is actually the place where Mary appeared, I heard it cures everything, even mental illiness, that it causes miracles, so I am hopefull.

What is more scary than inappropriate thoughts in church or during prayer?


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can cause obsessive thoughts too, not just actions, but many people are embarrassed or scared to tell their doctor about it because the thoughts often are embarrassing, harmful, or cruel.

You are not your schizophrenia. You’re you. Those thoughts that come to you aren’t your thoughts; they’re ‘misfires’. How can you be held responsible for thoughts that aren’t your own?

Pray with St. Dymphna. I’ll pray for you too.

this is not a sin hugs God sees your choices and intentions, and knows you have difficulty controlling these thoughts. I used to struggle with OCD and I fought horrible thoughts in my mind too, and each time I felt like I was offending God, but He really looks at what we choose. Schizophrenia, or OCD, or anything like that…lessens culpability. God loves you very much and I’m sure He’s not blaming you for any of this, but is there by your side. I pray that He would give you peace and comfort you… this must be so difficult… HUGS

A medical disorder is not a sin. And one cannot sin unless one intends to.

I wonder though…Might the devil simply be inserting such thoughts just to disconcert Alix?

I can think of few things that would drive a person from prayer more than a combination of perceived impurity and scrupulosity.

Great a bunch of great lovely advice and now one at the end bringing in the devil. Dtmccameron, please do the OP a favor and wonder to yourself about the devil. The OP came in with a pure heart and has no need for someone to muddy the waters with respect to a legitimate illness.

Alix, Hang in there. We’re all praying for you. God Bless!!! :slight_smile:

We don’t know this particular person’s interior life and case however…

It is quite possible, however rosey a picture some would have painted of it.

It is normative for people with mental illness, indeed no one at all to be immune from such problems whatever their handicaps.

In such a case, mental discipline, prayer, and living a detached life from things would eventually give a person a handle over it – it would not be different particularly from handling a mental illness alone, save with greater emphasis on the spiritual battle aspect.

Interior spiritual health does wonders for the mind.

Our interior health has to be kept at heart peaceful (even while using the incensive power) to properly repel both spiritual attacks and overcome mental illnesses.

Peace, calm, (and this partly from a good conscience) and proper use of the incensive power to repel as need be.

When the passions are removed from the thoughts, the thoughts no longer have power over us and can be quickly dismissed.

Many of our thoughts come from demonic provocation, and from these derive our evil outward actions. If with the help of Jesus we instantly quell the thought, we will avoid its corresponding outward action. We will enrich ourselves with the sweetness of divine knowledge and so will find God, who is everywhere. Holding the mirror of the intellect firmly towards God, we will be illumined constantly as pure glass is by the sun. Then the intellect, having reached the term of its desires, will in Him cease from all other contemplation.

St. Hesychios the Priest

Shin, where did you get your degree in psychiatry from?
God Bless.

p.s. It might also do wonders if you offer up a prayer for the OP as others have done. It would be the Christian thing to do. :slight_smile:

I am not a doctor. We don’t know this person’s interior life, neither you nor I. :slight_smile:

The Christian thing includes not ignoring possibilities that may cause people temporary discomfort, but long term benefit – for the sake of human respect or feelings. :slight_smile:

One can explore it gently, but to write off what is uncomfortable that could potentially help is not what a friend does, but only a person who cares for his own feelings.

A thing, a conceptual image and a passion are all quite different one from the other. For example, a man, a woman, gold and so forth are things; a conceptual image is a passion-free thought of one of these things; a passion is mindless affection or indiscriminate hatred for one of these same things. The monk’s battle is therefor against passion.

An impassioned conceptual image is a thought compounded of passion and a conceptual image. If we separate the passion from the conceptual image, what remains is the passion-free thought. We can make this separation by means of spiritual love and self-control, if only we have the will.

St. Maximos the Confessor

Alix, you have opened up the doors to something many people struggle with. Obsessive Compulsive disorder, anxiety disorders, and other illnesses can make the brain “misfire” crazy thoughts. I struggle with pretty nasty Generalized Anxiety disorder. My meds do work, to an extent. But your post has given me the courage to tell my doctor that the meds need to be adjusted.

Yes, GOD forgives schizophrenia.

This thread is now Closed.

Please keep the OP in your prayers!


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