Can Guardian Angels fall?


Since Satan and his evil spirits are fallen angels, can they tempt our guardian angels over to their side? I have often questioned where our guardian angels are sometimes. I pray all the time for my angel to protect and guide me but when you hear of a child being abused or killed, what role does their guardian angel play?
Also do our guardian angels take our prayers to God or can God just hear our prayers directly? Sometimes I think that maybe if some guardian angels fall to the evil side then that would explain why apparently some of our prayers are not heard and some of us feel abandoned by God.
Gabrielle S


No, they can’t.

Remember, God does what is best for us- and we may not agree, or even recognize, the ways in which he answers our prayers.


Your Guardian Angel can take your prayers to the throne of God. Your Angel is there precisely to help you against the spiritual warfare of the Devil, not as a target of the devil for conversion.
Consider offering the next Mass in thanksgiving for your Angel. I suspect that your angel, like mine, needs encouragement to put up with us.
God Bless you and think positive about angels not negatively.


the angels had their test once and for all in the great heavenly battle described in the bible (Daniel and Revelation). our guardian angels have already had their final exams and gotten their degrees. Our tests come during our earthly life, and their job is to help us suceed in passing our tests.


Hi Gabrielle,

Man was tested and failed. We inherit the debt.
Angels were tested. Some failed and some did not. They don’t inherit from one another They will not be tested again.



[quote=Gabrielle S]Since Satan and his evil spirits are fallen angels, can they tempt our guardian angels over to their side?

The traditional Catholic teaching is that when the good angels resisted Satan’s temptations back at the beginning of time, they were “confirmed” in grace so that they now cannot fall (just as we will be unable to fall away once we enjoy the Beatific Vision). Similarly, the demons who fell cannot now repent.

The Catholic view (at least since the 13th century) is that angels are pure intellects. Therefore, they presumably make decisions far more quickly and decisively than we do. We are rational animals, so our decisions are influenced by sickness or hormones or other physical factors. Hence, we bounce back and forth between good and evil a lot. For angels it’s an all-or-nothing deal.



One third of the angels rebelled. The remaining 2/3 cannot fall anymore. Just like those souls who go to heaven will not fall.

But just imagine… My guardian angel, and yours too, was there when the fallen angels were driven out. My angel was on the winning side. HE WAS THERE. I find that awesome!!!


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