Can i accuse the traditionalists of causing scandal?


The only time i’ve ever been soured, even in the tiniest bit, to the Catholic Church is when i read some of the posts on the traditional board. Some of the posters have an obvious disdain for modern ritual and almost have a self imposed ban going of all things N.O.

There is ridicule of any worship of God that isn’t contained in their narrow view of what is and isn’t Catholic.

So, i guess in a way… if i drift from the Church one day having realized that those who purport to be closest to God are the most not like him… Would that make them guilty of causing scandal?

I mean, if a woman in a bikini can cause a man to sin… she is guilty of scandal. If a Traditionalist through words can cause a Catholic to loose faith in the Church… wouldn’t they be guilty of scandal as well?

Just a mental exercise…


I’m probably more traditionalist than anythng else. However I can not get too excited about what language the Mass is said in or whether people hold hands at the Our Father or not and if it is a sin to wear bikini. I most certainly would not let anyone who claims to be Catholic cause a separation between me and my Church in any way shape or form



If anyone publicly behaves other than Christ-like it can cause scandal. The level of scandal depends on how bad the behavior is. Wearing a bikini to Mass would cause more public scandal than merely being overly opinionated and pushy.

We cannot be affected by the attitudes and behaviors of others in our faithfulness to Christ and his Church. God is only going to hold us accountable for our sins, not the sins of others.

Christ’s Church is both human and divine. In its humanity it struggles, in its divinity it is perfect, and therefore cannot be stained with the sins of those who chose to behave contrary to its teachings and mission.


I accuse them of it all the time. They hate me for it. Go see my “Conspiracies” thread (now locked) in the Trad forum.

I’m a Latin Novus-Ordo Massgoer myself, I consider myself very traditional, but I refuse to swallow all of the junk that many Traditionalists are peddling.

The SSPX members, in particular, try to scandalize Catholics in my diocese. We had an uproar in a KofC meeting a few years ago when an SSPXer came in and proclaimed to everyone that our pastor was not validly ordained. That kind of stuff. Of course it is scandalous.


When you set yourself up as an accuser, aren’t you doing exactly what you accuse others of?


When you set yourself up as an accuser, aren’t you doing exactly what you accuse others of?



The best advice I can offer is that if there is something on the net that scandalizes you. Don’t go there! Do you stick around with people who give you an occasional poke in the eye? No you don’t! If the Traditional Web Site offends you, stay away from it. Don’t get your nose out of joint by being nosey. Frankly I go there too and some folks are in my opinion “off the wall”, but if we all agreed on everything it would be a very dull world. :shrug:


I can relate to the OP. I thought I was traditional until I met some people who think television is an instrument of the devil, women should wear skirts all the time, you should NOT send your children to Catholic schools because they are too liberal, and it’s a sin to not pray the rosary every day.

It does put me off to the Church a little bit. Not to the point I would lose the slightest bit of faith in the Catholic Church, but I think “how can I possibly fit into this parish when I can’t meet the other mother’s standards of holiness?”

I do enjoy hearing a lot of the things they have to say though, so I try to encourage them to talk about what they think about stuff as much as possible.

I know they are just trying to help me become more holy, because whatever they are doing makes them feel more holy. So I try to just listen to their criticisms and nod my head.


When you set yourself up as an accuser, aren’t you doing exactly what you accuse others of?

Not in this case.

I second the recommendation that you just avoid that section if the behavior of the people there makes you doubt the faith. The church is full of different personalities and opinions – when the discussion gets too legalistic and too wrapped up in rules and form, maybe go read the gospels and the Acts of the Apostles and the Pauline letters (even those maybe not written by Paul). Their message is simple and the core of Christ’s teaching, which is really what we are all supposed to be about.



My, aren’t we nasty today!


That was yesterday. I don’t have any more patience for people speaking in Buddhist Koans today, either.


I believe that getting overly hot about the behavior of others is futile. We can’t control what others do, unless we set ourselves up as some sort of police force that makes others do what we think right. And that certainly IS as bad as those traditionalists who are trying to impose their rigid standards on everyone else.

There is such as thing as the “near occasion of sin”, an expression not used very much today that needs to be brushed off and reapplied, IMHO. If talking to people who will not listen drives you to distraction or even to sin, then avoid them. Let God deal with them and you deal with your own needs. That’s what I do, anyway, and it works for me. :wink:


It’s all about you, isn’t it?



We can only control our own behavior. And if our behivior simply mirros those we condemn, how are we any better than they?

Perhaps worse – after all, they’re sincere, not hypocritical.

Good advice.


I object to people entering into a discussion to attempt to stifle it with the old “when you point the finger three more are pointing back at you” type comments. It’s silly. The topic is traditionalism and scandal. Get back to it.

I have always objected to nanny-ism. I see that CA has the same nannies as the other Catholic hangouts on the internet. This leads me to wonder if there exists a secret global nanny-conspiracy.


Quite profound opinions you have formed after a grand total of 40 posts.



I have always found it more useful to worry about my own worship through the Mass of my choice and my own relationship with God than to criticize others for what they do. It generally works out better that way. And if something someone else says that one does not agree with can send one from the church founded by Jesus Christ, then I think the Holy Spirit has work to do here.

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