Can I appeal God's decisions?

When I pray God says “no” to my requests for necessities, like a job? How does that not violate “ask and you shall receive”? I ask and don’t receive.

Is there an appeals court if God doesn’t keep his promise?

As God is the ultimate authority, indeed the Author of authority, no, there is no appellate court which can overturn his decisions. It is indeed a cross difficult to bear when God’s answer to our prayer appears to be “no,” and all we can do is to ask God to give us the grace to accept his will and to carry the cross with Christ.

Please remember, though, that one can hope that his answer is not “no” but “wait.” God, in his great love for us, knows our needs better than we do and will provide for them at the perfect moment. If we trust in him and continue to ask for the graces needed to bear the difficulties we have been given, we may be sure that God’s eventual generosity toward us will always infinitely outweigh the generosity toward him that he asks of us now.

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