Can i ask a favor of everyone?

My buddy in my Sociology class is doing a research paper and is is administering a brief survey. It is about how Christians vote. If you have a couple of minutes could you please check it out at.

Thanks Alot.

I just went to the survey but it said it ended on the 13th. Curious.

The survey is of “Evangelical” voters. Very few of us qualify for that definition as it is usually understood in the political arena.

I spoke with him today, he really wants to hear from you all too. And he really could use the help.
Please do.

I just completed it but it says it ended on Nov. 13???:confused:

Your friend isn’t a very good survey writer, IMO. I couldn’t answer many of the questions. It is poorly written :frowning:

lol, sorry, i actually agree. And yes, he originally had the last day as november 13, but he didnt get enough submissions.

If you have sometime and you want to, please check it out.

This seems to delve into the area of requesting personal information.

For that reason this thread is now closed

Paul Stephens


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