Can i ask for more than one favour in the 54 Day rosary novena?


Basically speaking, the novena is praying 27 days of the rosary in petition and then 27 days in thanksgiving. I remember doing it in a different method from what was commonly practiced in tradition, basically i just prayed the rosary for 54 days straight without the extra prayers so im not sure if thats counted, so im going to do it again. Anyways, can i ask for more than one favor or am i only allowed to ask for one?



You can put ALL your prayer requests into a prayer.

Jesus told Saint Faustina:
Your trust is the bucket you bring to your prayers to Me,

The greater your trust, the greater the size of the bucket of graces you receive


You certainly can.
It’s fine to add multiple intentions to any rosary.
Fr. Heilman runs 54-day rosary novenas for his online prayer group all the time, and the last one had like 3 or 4 different intentions for the group, plus we were always adding in many special intentions of individuals from the group who wanted us to pray for sick relatives or the conversion of their spouses/ children or peace in a certain part of the world etc.


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