Can I ask God to bless a sacramental during adoration?

I know priests have the power to bless sacramentals (medal, figures, images, prayer cards, holy water, etc.) but I am constantly obtaining new sacramentals and I personally think it is not far fetched to assume that God himself can bless the item even more directly than asking a priest, considering adoration is where the Blessed Sacrament (God himself) resides, waiting for us to visit Him.

Any answers from priests would be greatly appreciated!

Why can’t you just ask your priest?


This is why God gave us Priests. To do His hands on work here on earth. The Priest confects the Eucharist you are adoring. The Priest gives Benediction at Adoration. The Priest blesses our homes and persons and our sacramentals.


You got your answer from a priest above.

I’m not a priest, but as the previous poster said, God gave us priests for a reason. Let them do the job God gave them and bless your sacramental.


An object blessed by God through specific prayers by a priest is a sacramental.

An object blessed by God without a priest might be miraculous or just a nice object, but it would never be a sacramental.unless a priest said the blessings.

Same thing with relics. Relics are not sacramentals unless a priest uses the prayers.

What is your rush?

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The priests at my parish are always very busy. When I ask them to bless objects they seem unhappy as if it bothered them. I feel that if they don’t want to bless it, the blessing isn’t done because if they didn’t do it from the joy and love of their heart, did they do it at all? It makes me embarrassed and uncomfortable to even ask, honestly.

Blessings still work, even if the priest is in a bad mood. I think you’re projecting your nervousness onto them and assuming their intentions. And if they really are rude or something, not that you’ve said they are, just that you feel like they don’t want to do it, then go somewhere else and ask another priest to do it. I quickly bless things after Mass all the time.



If I am not mistaken, a relic is not made by a priest. It is a portion of a saints physical body (1st class), something used or owned by a saint (2nd class) or something touched to a first or second class relic(3rd class.) I am certain a priest could bless these relics, but that is not what makes them a relic. I think that lay people even can create 3rd class relics on their own.

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I’m not a priest, but wonder if there is holy water that you could possibly sprinkle the objects with. Holy water is blessed and I’d think that using it would bless the item.

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Lay people generally can’t bless sacramentals. A lay person sprinkling holy water on a sacramental is not going to do anything; one needs to have a priest or deacon bless. As Father said, it takes like 5 seconds for the priest to do the quick blessing. If priests are not accommodating, then the best course of action is to pack up all one’s sacramentals in a bag and take them to either an annual blessing service at a church (these often happen on Candlemas, or at Spanish churches on Our Lady of Guadalupe feast) or to a local shrine where they regularly bless sacramentals en masse for tourists.

The easiest way is to drop off your item at the parish office to be blessed. Fr will bless it when he is able, the secretary will call you to come pick up your item.

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Blessings are not contagious. What makes an object blessed is the word of the priest, not the holy water. A priest can bless an object without holy water. Holy water cannot bless an object without a priest.

I understand that a lot of sacramentals are held up to be blessed when the Pope makes an appearence on the balcony and imparts a blessing. By the same token, anything you hold up during benediction should be blessed.

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