Can i ask God to dissolve me of any private oaths?

I recently made a stupid oath and i didn’t realize how stupid it is until recently.I don’t know if i can ask God to dissolve me of my oath, i can fulfill this oath but i really don’t want to(its stupid). Can i ask God to dissolve my of my oath?

You mean private vow?

Ones Pastor can dispense such.

But you may not have made any such thing…so go talk with your Pastor about it.

Okay i made a promise, sorry. Can i ask God to resolve me of this?

If it was an actual private vow - God would work via ones Pastor or Bishop. He has the authority to dispense such.

My priest said that i can ask God to dissolve me of my private vows. Is he right?

Trust your priest.

If they are actually private vows -no. It is not a matter simply to pray about. But to be dispensed by one who has such authority in the Church (Pastor, Bishop, the Pope…and at times other Priests given authority by a Bishop).

But something said to God in prayer - some commitment may not *be * a private vow (such is a rather particular thing.)

But simply a commitment of some sort…that may be within ones authority to change…one can bring the matter in question to ones Pastor. He is the one who can dispense a private vow.

It may be that the Priest has heard what one is referring to and determined it is not a private vow…etc…But I do not know. Talk with ones Pastor.

So what to do with a commitment to God?

Yes, definitely trust your priest as he knows the situation better than those on the Internet.
Be at peace,

Talk with your Pastor …he can determine if one made a vow …and if so he can deal with things…if not he can guide you what to do next.

If the Priest says that a* private vow *can simply be dispensed via prayer --he is quite wrong.

It can be that the Priest heard what the matter was and determined that was not a private vow but did not explain this but just sought to guide the person as to what to do. That is different.

It depends on your definition of an oath. In law this is very different from a promise. If you made a promise to God and it was a silly thing of no substance, this is of little relevance to your immortal soul. Don’t stress too much. God knows how silly we can be at times. I make a promise in confession never to sin again. Eh? As the yanks say don’t sweat it if the priest has told you not to worry.

A* resolution* in confession not to sin is not a promise …and certainly not a private vow.

So, is a promise to be dispensed by a priest? The OP made a promise, not a vow. The OP is essentially asking whether a promise is binding under the pain of sin or whether it is the strong commitment to do something.

The fact that you say it was “stupid” may point to it not being a private vow…discuss with your Pastor.

A Private Vow by definition must be a* better good* (at least better than its opposite).

That is what I might assume happened; an internet is not the place to get an answer on this type of question for we don’t have all the details nor should we have.
Second guessing priests can be a sign of scrupulosity in and of itself.

Well to say for example in a typical conversation, God from now on i will stop raiding a bike in general, then you realize how stupid you were and you ask God to dissolve you of that what you said to Him. Can you ask Him to dissolve you this type of “vows”? Of curse, that example is not what i said to God.

Again it depend on what it was.

But I will note that a private vow is deliberate and free * promise* made to God of a possible and better good that one must fulfill via the virtue of religion.

Can it happen that someone intends a private vow -but does not actually make one because it is not valid? sure.

Does it happen that people call things promises -but not in the sense of a private vow --but more of an non-binding-in conscience commitment? yes sure.

The fact of the confusion that is present - points to it* likely not having been a vow*. In any case his Pastor can put an end to any concern one way or another.

what you said to God is between you and God and a confessor or priest.
We can’t help you for we don’t know what promise/vow you made. We are in no place to judge if it was stupid or not. You spoke with a priest and need to trust that if you told him the circumstance he gave you correct information.

If you made a promise to another person, you must settle it with that person. Either fulfill the promise, or make it clear to the other person that you cannot fulfill it and accept the consequences.

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