Can I ask the Priest to pray for me in confession?


I’m going to confession tonight for the first time in a few years and I’m a little nervous. For the most part, I’m excited and look forward to confessing and being absolved. However, I do have a question. Can I ask the Priest to pray for me? I have to go to court for one of my sins and would like to have his prayers with me. Is that appropriate?

Also, can I bring in a note paper? I don’t want to forget any of my sins . . .

Thank you!


Ask him to pray for you. Your priest is there to be your spiritual father. You can also bring a list of your sins. :thumbsup: Welcome back home! :slight_smile:


You should be very careful with a written list of sins, as it could possibly fall into the wrong hands. You should guard it carefully at all times, and when it is no longer needed, destroy it thoroughly and promptly.


Thank you for the encouragement and advice!


A priest’s life is dedicated to prayer and service to all God’s people. It can be a little intimidating sometimes but you should never feel uncomfortable asking for prayer!

I’ve seen folks at my parish pull a priest aside as he walked by preparing for Mass and asked for a confession right then and there! They are there for you!

Praise God you are choosing to embrace Christ’s merciful love and forgiveness!



After confession and absolution is a good time to spend a few seconds with your priest with any extra business you may have, such as a prayer request.

I am conscious of how busy our priests are, and so rarely ask them to pray for me - keeping it for something which is very important. In practice, I ask one of them to pray for me about once every two years.

To make it easier for the priest, I give him a slip of paper with my first name, and a brief description of the prayer request, and pass that to him at the same time I ask for the prayer.

As to your specific prayer request, it is up to your to decide what’s important enough, and how often you ask your priest for a prayer, however, as one who has just initiated legal action (for the first time in my life), I support you in this case. :slight_smile:


The answer is yes!!! Dead God yes!!!


I assume that you meant, “Dear God”? :wink: :smiley:


Just so you know, many priests do penance and extra prayers for their penitents. Mine will even get other penitents to do extra penance for other penitents!


One of the Deacons in my parish recently told me that he has been praying for me every day since my son was killed, and my Priest also prays for me by name. I felt so freaking special I cried. I didn’t even ask.

I am sure it is appropriate to ask.



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