Can I attend mass in different churches?


Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I started attending mass in the afternoon at my parish’s church and I found myself really enjoying it.

This fall, I’m starting college. I’m lucky enough to have the college at 30 minutes from home, which is great! I’ve also discovered that there’s a church in the street next to the college and that Mass is celebrated there some mornings (it isn’t at my parish’s church). Can I attend mass in some church in the morning and then go to another mass in ANOTHER church in the afternoon?

I guess I can, but I don’t know, I’m a new Catholic and still learning. :o

Have a nice day!


The benefits of the Mass are infinite, and, because of that, it is only needed to attend once per day. The Church allows us to receive the Holy Eucharist twice in one day, provided the second time is at Mass, but it is generally agreed that this is to allow for special occasions such as weddings or funerals.

As a college student, you glorify God by doing well in your studies. May I recommend that you attend one Mass per day and spend the rest of the time studying and offering that time of study to God.

It’s very frustrating when a person gives a long reply like this and doesn’t answer your original question, so, yes, if you were to attend Mass twice a day, you could go to both churches.

Good luck in your studies. I hope you enjoy the college experience.



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