Can I attend this non-Catholic marriage?

If a Catholic family member were to marry in a non-Catholic Church or civilly, could I attend the wedding without committing a grave sin?

Some priests seem to be steadfast that this is sinful as it indirectly shows “approval” for the marriage, while other priests say that as long as you make it clear to the close family member (daughter, brother, etc.), it is ok to attend.

Is there a canon law or doctrine that clears this up?

There is no explicit Church teaching on this issue so we must use prudential judgment when making such a decision.

If the Catholic party has received formal permission (dispensation) from his bishop to marry the non-Catholic party outside the Church then I see no problem in attending the wedding. If, on the other hand, he has not received the necessary permission then the wedding will likely result in an invalid marriage and I could not recommend attending such an event.

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