Can I baptize my child even if I'm not baptized?

Hello. My name is Adriana. I have been a Catholic by heart my entire life. My mother also a Catholic was never able to baptize me. She tried multiple times but something always posponed it. I am now 20 years old and married. My husband wasn’t a Catholic until he met me. I really want to go through the sacraments myself. I want to get married in a Catholic church like I have always dreamed. I just found out I’m expecting my first child. I am so thrilled. My husband and I have agreed on raising our child in the Catholic church. And as soon as the baby is born we want to get him or her baptized. So my question is, can I still batize my child even if we’re not batized at the moment? This is something we will do in the near future, but if it’s not done by the birth of my child, what can we do?

Can. 868 §1. For an infant to be baptized licitly:

2/ there must be a founded hope that the infant will be brought up in the Catholic religion…

All that is required is that there be some reasonable hope that you will raise the child as a Catholic. Since your husband is a Catholic and you wish to become one, I would say that there is indeed a “founded hope” and therefore there should be no problem for you to have your child baptized. I would recommend you also look into your parish’s RCIA program for yourself.

God bless and congratulations.

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