Can I be a Catholic but also Anarchist Capitalist?


There is no question that all governments do bad things. That does not mean that government is bad, or that the issue is how much evil we are willing to accept. We should not accept any evil, we should work to fix anything that is bad with our government. That does not mean we should work to do away with government.

Yes, governments always fail and at some point will inevitably violate rights. As I said, we are fallen, we sin, government is made up of people. But what is impossible is for any society to exists without a government.


I just think the individual should have more rights than a notion that the goverment knows best. I will not support a government that uses my tax money in a wrong way. That’s why I do not support the government…


Welcome to the civilized world, no matter what happens you will always have government allocate funds improperly or make dumb decisions with tax payer funds.


Are you anarchist only in the sense of the economy, or in every sense of the word? Both are problematic. The government (secular or otherwise) has legitimate roles to play in maintaining order.


And that’s one of some reasons why I want an anarchy where the individual chose themself to support the government or what they want to support so we don’t have to pay for stuff we do not agree with


Are you implying there cannot be order in an anarchist society?


Yes. Is “no government” not what you mean by anarchy?


Me personally haven’t decided yet. that’s part of the reason why I asked a question here just to get to know what y’all think. But I’m definitely for the free market so libertarian right economics


I’m for a small goverment


Ok, but you realize that anarchy merely devolves into who was the most force behind them right? And you would have to actively oppress people banding together who want to form a state, because eventually their political unit will destroy your anarcho-capitalist experiment


There’s a difference between arguing over how large government is and then advocating for the abolition of government and the state itself


I agree it would be like a project but it has been seen in parts of Africa in an anarchist environment people loved a lot longer maybe because of less stress and factors like that


Anarchy is not the absence of government. It’s the absence of the state. Anarchy is a peaceful approach to having rules without having rulers.


Where in Africa? Do you have any sources? Also, correlation doesn’t imply causation.


I agree that’s why I said it would be like a project let me find the source


Anarchy is absence of a hierarchy as well, which is something you’ll get with any organized political system that has a state. There’s no way you can abolish hierarchy

#37 Here’s the article


We don’t need to abolish hierarchy. It will always be with us, government or not.


Ok, but that’s a key aspect to the concept of anarchy.


Out of interest why are you curious about joining the Catholic Church as an Ancap?

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