Can I be a Catholic but also Anarchist Capitalist?


You did however say there are anarchists that would be permissive of abortion.


“Hate speech” is actually a misnomer for “inciting violence” (this is what it’s called outside the English speaking space), what’s generally forbidden is “objective inciting of violence”.


Did you miss this?


How do you ensure that it doesn’t happen within the framework of any type of society?

The last time I looked in the mirror, the pro-lifer and the anarchist were both staring back at me.


Yep. I’m not one of them.


I think that’s a contradictory position. Because you as an anarchist would be interfering with the actions of someone who is supposedly not violating the NAP


Really? Where did I say that I would interfere with someone’s immoral choice?


I think that is a contradictory statement.


Wow, an Anarchist Capitalist? :scream: I just can’t imagine why would someone want to be an Anarchist Capitalist. Matthew 6:24 “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” I seriously cannot understand why a few can horde most of the world’s wealth and resources and not be accountable and responsible for the world’s humanity’s crimes. It’s mind boggling. Also, just a reminder that it’s the love of money that enabled the bribery of Judas and its consequential event that leads to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. So, I don’t think that you can be both a Catholic and be a greedy, unrestrained Capitalist at the same time.


So you wouldn’t attempt to stop abortion then. Because the choice being immoral and killing human life would be why it should be interfered with. And if it were a group of anarchist going around doing it, in principle what would separate them from a state actor?


Would you attempt to stop an abortion? Would you walk into a Planned Parenthood, guns a blazing?


I guess you should read “Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church” (

It says things like “Political authority is and must be a positive and irreplaceable component of civil life.”, thus Anarcho-capitalism is ruled out (as is any other version of Anarchism).

Then it lists four principles: human dignity, common good, solidarity and subsidiarity.

Now, when you apply subsidiarity in economy, in most cases some version of free market is going to result. For yes, in many cases subsidiarity does demand that government would not try to do something that could be left to the private firms.

And yes, it may be that having free market is usually the best way to ensure the common good.

And yes, it does encourage decentralisation of care for the poor, perhaps assigning most of it not to government, but to, let’s say, monastic orders.

So, to the extent that Libertarianism wants those things, it does agree with Catholic Social Doctrine.

Yet, if Libertarianism is also in favour of, let’s say, abortion being legal (if there is a demand for it), it is obviously not compatible with Catholic Social Doctrine. Those are not the things that are to be left for market do decide.


You know what I mean by stopping abortion. No abortion clinics would be around in an ideal world for a Catholic.


No, I guess I don’t. No abortion clinics would be around in an ideal world for this anarchist, either.


So what stops a group of doctors banding together to set up an abortion clinic in the world of a Catholic anarchist


The difference is pretty simple. In the real world, I’m forced to not only accept abortions, but help pay for them. In an anarchist world, my hands would be clean. I would not be complicit in the killing of babies. Not only that, but I could choose to associate or not associate on any personal or professional level based on another’s choice of life or not. Try to do that in the real world that we live in.


It should not be too much to answer. Simple scenario, you and I live in a society with no hierarchical government, only freely chosen association. We enter into a contract between the two of us. I violate our agreement. What is your recourse? Throughout history, there has always been some level of government, (eg. a local magistrate) to go to settle the dispute. And some sort of appeal (e.g. a king). In the society you advocate, where do you go when I violate our agreement?


What stops a group of doctors from banding together to set up an abortion clinic in the world of Catholic statists?


Answering a question with a question isn’t making your case. You said there would be no abortion clinics in your ideal world as an anarchist. So the question is, how would you prevent an abortion clinic from being set up in your ideal world?


You just need to read about anarchy. It’s through insurance companies and it makes total sense if you would bother to study it.

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