Can I be a Catholic but also Anarchist Capitalist?


Can-i-be-a-catholic-but-also-anarchist-capitalist? Answer- sure just share stuff and don’t do harm.


I asked for examples or a pretty simple description, not a book. I stand by my opinion that anarchy is a political theory that does not rest on working examples with anything like today’s population density, mobility, or diversity of value systems or family background. You don’t know what the truth is about the anarchy you’re referring to, do you, because it is a figment of a political philosopher’s imagination, isn’t it?

I’m also unimpressed with the unsubstantiated opinion that a government that levies taxes is engaging in inherently unjust actions. No basis for that opinion has been offered, even though neither Our Lord, nor St. John the Baptist nor St. Paul said any such thing but if anything quite the opposite. I will concede that a government has the authority to support itself in some other way, but that does not prove that taxes are a violation of natural law. I know of no theologian who has ever written any such thing.


As long as you aren’t a Communist, it’s all good!

Being a Communist is an offense punishable by instant excommunication, decreed by his Holiness, Pope Pius XII.


Any form of Communism whatsoever is not permissible if you expect to remain Catholic!

You can be excommunicated for being a Communist, as decreed by his holiness, Pope Pius XII.

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