Can I be a member of my wife's church?

I am a Catholic and adhere to its traditions and rules. My wife and I were married in Presbyterian church as well as the Catholic Church. Can I become a member of the Presbyterian church and still be a member of the Catholic Church. I do not take communion at the Presbyterian church and when I go to Sunday services I also attend mass. My intent is not to sit on boards or other convening authorities within the Presbyterian church but to support my wife. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

I’m not entirely sure why you would need to become a “member” of the Presbyterian community. If its merely a matter of their community’s census then simply stating that you are married to your wife who is a Presbyterian for their census purposes is no big deal and isn’t a problem. I fail to see why you can’t just occasionally attend with her without formally becoming a member.

As Catholics we have our own parish census and on it someone can simply state that their spouse is a non-Catholic. We don’t require non-Catholics to formally join the parish and I can’t see why the Presbyterians would do so.

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