Can I be a member of two local parishes?

My son will be going to Kindergarten next year and my husband and I have decided to enroll him in Catholic School. I am very happy and excited about this decision, but didn’t expect to be faced with the need to change parishes to afford tuition. The school is affiliated with another parish in our area. Our current parish does not have a school, and due to the economy is not providing subsidy toward tuition. Subsidy or no, my husband believes we should change parishes so that my son can be seen by his teachers, principals, other families within the school and parish, and be a part of his school/church community.

I am hurting because I have grown so attached to our current parish. I teach Sacramental Preparation for First Reconciliation & First Communion, know many of the families, and participate so much in our parish. Not to mention my admiration for the priest and the way he leads us in worship of God.

Anyone else been faced with this? Can I be a member of two parishes? Can I be a member of one parish and teach at another? I know the “school” parish will need our weekly offering, but could I give my offering to one parish and my time and talent to another?

If anyone has thoughts, they’d be appreciated!

Other people may have differing opinions, but I find nothing wrong with this sort of thing. Personally, I’m homeschooled, so our family doesn’t usually have to deal with this sort of thing, but I’ve known families that have done this.

I work in a Catholic school and happen to attend the parish attached to the school, but many of my colleagues attend different parishes. Most of the families attending the school attend the same parish, but certainly not all.

Speaking as a Catholic school employee, the BIGGEST contribution you can make for your child’s education in elementary school is to VOLUNTEER! Volunteer early and volunteer often! My recommendation would be to volunteer at the school during the week, and then attend your other parish on the weekends.

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