Can I be a nun if I am not from US but I live here illegaly?

I would like to be a nun. I have 28 years and I am from Europ. I live in U.S but my visa has expired and now I have no status. Can i still be a nun and where and how?

Why are you here illegally? You need to return home and go through the proper processes to immigrate to the United States. If you are breaking the law, how can you expect to take vows?


In short, no, you cannot be a nun in the U.S. if you are here illegally. Nuns abide by the laws of their country, and if a requirement is that their candidate get legal status or residency, you can bet they are going to live up to that standard.

Even the Bible says we must abide by the laws of the land:

“Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and give to God what is God’s.”–Luke 20:25

Legalized abortion is the law of the land, though :wink:

Nuns need to abide only by the just laws of their country. :slight_smile:

And who determines the justness of a law? Immigration laws are just especially when one follows the laws by obtaining a visa only to ignore the law later when that visa expires.

I am sure you could find a group that may let you in but I am not sure that such a group would be worth it to join.

What is unjust about the immigration law?

There are gray areas, sure. But some laws are just unjust on the face (abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide). I was just being a bit more precise.:slight_smile:

what if I don’t have home.

That is TOTALLY absurd to equate the two. I’ve been through the immigration process, my husband has been here three years now LEGALLY from England. There is nothing un-just about that process.

Unbelievable. :rolleyes: :mad:


You have a country you are from. Go back there and do this the right way. Stop breaking the law.



I think you misunderstood me. :o

My response was in response to CarmaliteGirl’s response, where she said that nuns need to abide by all the laws of their country. I was simply stating a clarification that one can not be forced to follow an unjust law (I was speaking, in general, not about immigration).

My mom came here legally. I am completely opposed to illegal immigration.

Did I state my position better that time?:o

Work on your residency status before you attempt religious life.

And don’t think you can flee to a convent for an easy life, free place to live, quick green card, or instant citizenship. It doesn’t work that way.

Then seek Catholic Legal Immigration Charities. There is a branch in most cities. The attorneys do pro-bono ( free) immigration work and might be able to help you with your immigration problem. However, I agree with solving your immigration problems then becoming a nun. And please don’t continue to remain here illegally, you place yourself in real danger that way ( pimps, drug sellers, etc.)

Again, what is unjust about the immigration law?

If you are asking me:D

That it promotes immigration from non Christian countries, to the disadvantage of immigration from Christian countries. Which is a tad ridiculous, as this country is a Judeo-Christian one.

I speak from personal experience. My uncle wanted to come here, and was denied. He is a very hard working guy. America lost out on a good one.:frowning:

If you weren’t asking me: nevermind:D

You have not well understood, I did not put myself in this position, but the law of this country that it is impossible to follow. I did not want to stay here I was confused because of the visa laws simply impossible to monitor. And one holy priest advised that it was not my fault, and that should stay in the U.S so I am now here for a long time in the trap. I am very disappointed on you answers you have given me, it is very judgement sounding. Certainly what catholics should not be! I think I am on the wrong website, but thanks for you opinion.

Novena, I am not an American but if you are in America illegally you should return home unlessthere is good reason not to! You say you have no home, if this is truly the case then perhaps you should speak to whatever branch of the US government deals with asylum seekers.

As for seeking vocation, I am not sure but I think the order will still be obliged to run a background check (which may include your immigration status).

I am praying for you.

God bless


I realize the difference. I am a very conservative Catholic who is anti-abortion, amongst many other standings. What I don’t understand is how you equate the two. Sure, there are unjust laws, but I was not speaking about them. I was speaking of illegal immigration.

My apologies, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. :frowning:

You made a sweeping statement that a person has to follow (all) the laws of the country that they are in. Which would mean following all the laws of China, if you were in China, Saudi Arabia, if you were in Saudi Arabia, etc.

My post was simply meant as a clarification of yours, not as as a criticism:(

I am so sorry :frowning:

You didn’t hurt my feelings, you just misunderstood me, which happens sometimes. I did not mean to make a generalization, and if I caused a problem, please forgive me as well.

Your apology is accepted. May God bless you. :slight_smile:

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