Can I be a priest in Europe?

Hello i am a young catholic and i dream to be priest but i also dream to leave in certain contry can i decide where to live even if i am a priest.

It would depend upon the particular diocese and what they would accept as legitimate reasons for coming to their diocese.

Dioceses are, understandably, wary of individuals who come from outside the diocese. It raises questions about why the person doesn’t want to be where they are from, or if perhaps they were rejected from there.

The other thing to keep in mind is that priesthood is about being called by God to serve the People of God. It is not about what I want as an individual, the ministry that I have been called to must also be the top priority. Thus its a bit of a red flag if someone seems more concerned about where they are living rather than the ministry.

Ministry must always be at the service of the Church, you might believe Europe is the best fit for your gifts and talents but the Church of Europe might not agree.

However there are sometimes legitimate exceptions and reasons and those are things that are dealt with on a case by case basis.

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