Can I be confirmed before next Easter?


I’m a baptized Christian and have been studying Catholicism for over a year. I know and believe all of the dogmas and basics of Catholic faith. I missed being confirmed this past Easter due to various reasons. Can I be confirmed before next Easter? If I can be confirmed this year, what do I need to do? Thank you.


Confirmation can take place at any time of year and your pastor can be delegated by the bishop to perform it. I recommend asking your pastor to assess you for readiness to be received into the Church and for information on how to receive confirmation once you are deemed ready.

Please be aware though that many parishes prefer for new members to go through the RCIA program, at least in part to acclimate them to parish life. RCIA is not strictly required for baptized Christians, but if your pastor would like you to go through the program, you might offer to go through it next season after your reception and confirmation. That way, you need not wait if you are fully prepared to enter the Church from a doctrinal perspective, but you can still meet the pastoral preference to become active in parish life through the RCIA program.

There is also another alternative if the pastor is reluctant to confirm you before next Easter: You can also be received into the Church at any time and receive First Reconciliation and First Communion without yet having been confirmed. If you’re ready to be received into the Church, you might ask to be received and make your First Reconciliation and Communion now, and then go through the RCIA progam as an adult confirmand for next Easter. That way you can be going to confession and Communion on a regular basis while awaiting confirmation next year.

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