Can I Be Enrolled In The Brown Scapular?


The Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is the habit of the Carmelite Order, thus it is the Order that sets the rites (with Rome’s approval) for enrollment and investiture. I have no opinions on the matter, I am stating what the Order says about the Scapular. Our Lady left it open to all who desire to wear it so that many will be saved. One does not have to be a Catholic, but one does have to promise to live according to one’s baptismal vows. It’s meant to be an aid to faith, not an end in itself.



Right the Scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel is from the habit of the Carmelite Orders --and as such there can be requirements concerning such -especially regarding enrollment in an association.

I am not referring to someone being able to wear it (and even have it blessed of course). *I am referring only to investiture/enrollment. *

(I refer all to the Carmelite Orders regarding such…for there can be various rules and responsibilites regarding such as I have noted…)

Wearing a blessed scapular is one thing --joining the Confraternity (being enrolled) etc is another.




Yes, I believe you can.

You get spiritual benefits even though you are not enrolled in the Confraternity of the Brown scapular. Give this a read through. Feel free to contact me further if needed.



Welcome to the club! :extrahappy:



I would suggest that you go to a priest and ask. Any priest who can hear confessions (this would be the vast majority of priests) may enroll a person in the Brown Scapular. My understanding is that Our Lady also granted the Sabbatine privilege, which means that Our Lord has given it to her to release from Purgatory on the first Saturday after death all those who:

-wear the brown scapular
-observe chastity in accordance with their state in life
-say every day the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, or another devotion given to them by a priest who can hear confessions

As an aside, Maria Trapp (the wife of Captain von Trapp in “The Sound of Music”; they were a real family and the musical is based on their story) noted in her book that her husband was very devoted to the Brown Scapular devotion. He died in the early hours of a Friday morning. Maria and the baron had had three children together after their marriage, and their youngest son, Johannes, was only a few years old when his father died. In the morning, they told him of Georg’s death. His response: “It’s good that Papa died on a Friday, now Our Lady will take him to heaven soon!” So beautiful.


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