Can I be excommunicated for confessing a mortal sin?

I am terrified of confession, for fear I will be excommunicated, for something I did, years ago& have regretted &prayed for forgiveness ever day since, will that happen? Can that happen? Is crying every night & praying, wishing I could turn back time ,hating myself, asking God to forgive me is that considered as good as a confessional? Help

No, you cannot be excommunicated for something you confess. For starters excommunication is a public act of the Church, confession is a private act. Nothing that is said in confession can ever be repeated by the priest.
Secondly, confession is where we go to be absolved of our sins. If someone is sincerely sorry for his sins then the priest must absolve him.

I recommend that you visit the sacrament of confession and so that you might hear the words of Jesus’ forgiveness being spoken through the priest so that you might receive peace.

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