Can I be right-wing?


I see what some people say about the Church’s positions on social issues. I consider myself quite right-wing and an ardent capitalist, I do beleive in helping the poor, but I don’t beleive in Socilized medicine (“universal healthcare”) and I support rolling back the welfare system, I beleive their should be some, but not to the extent we have it now. I was wondering, can I be right wing? Or is it an ideology thats incompatable with Catholic teaching?


I’ve heard that the Catholic Church is a big tent. So I’m not surprised that it includes adherents to all sorts of political and ideological views.

Here’s an interesting video from , whose self described mission is to be "a voice for authentic Catholicism in the public square. "

The title of the video is* Stop Sending Aid to Africa*

Then there’s my favourite right-wing, Catholic, ex-Marine:

I don’t see any reason why one couldn’t be a right-wing, conservative Catholic, or for that matter a left-wing, liberation theology radical.


As C. S. Lewis said, Christianity doesn’t come with a social program, nor does it replace ordinary human knowledge and sciences, but steers them in the right direction.

When Christ commanded us to feed the poor, He didn’t give us cooking lessons.

I am leery of people from both wings who try to use the Gospel of Christ to support a particular secular agenda.

Jesus Himself said, “My Kingdom is NOT of this world.”


Unless their dishonestly discharged, there are no ex-marines, only former marines.


Unless their dishonestly discharged, there are no ex-marines, only former marines.

Just in case English is not your first language, the prefix “ex-” means “former.”


I’m American, english is my first language, I know what I said.


Not among Marines, it doesn’t. :thumbsup:


Why not? The more, the merrier! :thumbsup:


Is it just me, or have we gone off topic a bit? And just for the record…Yea Marines and Thank you to all who serve in the military (active or not!) :thumbsup:

That said…back to our regularly scheduled thread…

I consider myelf to be pretty right wing, although I have to describe myself as a “bleeding heart conservative” as I lean toward the left a bit when it comes to social issues, such as healthcare, poverty and education. Definitely FAR right on issues abortion & traditional marriage. (Which, by the way, makes me both a bigot and a terrorist according to some reports!)


You do understand that Our Lord said that to Pontius Pilate, and that while His Kingdom is not OF this world, it is IN this world, right? His Kingdom conquered the Roman Empire! As prophesied! (Daniel 2:44) But do you think He would tell Pilate that? :wink:


bpbasilphxRe: Can I be right-wing?
Unless their dishonestly discharged, there are no ex-marines, only former marines.

Just in case English is not your first language, the prefix “ex-” means “former.”

As a retired U.S. Marine…just for the record…IrishAm… and …*bacon man…*are correct…there is no such thing as an ex-Marine…only (active duty) Marines; former Marines and retired Marines.

Maybe “Mr. Webster” and you* bpbasilphx *agree that “ex” means “former”…but respectfully…that is not so in the Corps or with Marines.

Much like the Church’s teaching on the communion ot the three elements that make-up the One-whole Body of Christ…the Church Triumphant (those saints already in heaven)…the Church Suffering (those in purgatory)…and the* Church Militant* (those of us in this life)…so also…four elements of Marines – the Active, the Former, the Retired, (and yes) the Deceased – make up the one whole Marine Corps…but unlike the Church…we are very uncertain about any saints being in our ranks. Seriously, I have always loved the Corps because there is a real, live, and vibrant “communion” among all Marines…even and maybe especially with respect, admiration and thanksgiving for those our deceased Marine brothers and sisters.

So, you can use your Webster definition or “ex” if that makes you happy …at least on this website…but I would simply recommend that you not use the term “ex” in a room with a Marine…be he/she active, former or retired…you will be corrected. Semper fi!

Pax Christi

P.S. Ask Patrick, host of Catholic Answers Live, re: his reference to Tim Staples as an “ex” Marine…it only happened one time…and I guarantee you…it won’t happen again (thanks to Patrick’s respect for Tim and Marines).


**Sure you can!!!

Seven Principles of Catholic Social Teaching **



my dear friend

You can be right wing if you like. So long as you accept the entirety of the faith. I used to be right wing and it can still creep in, until it struck me God is neither left or right but right in the middle. We are supposed to imitate God, so I try to be in the middle now. I think everyone should try and be neutral and in the middle. We would have far less problems in the church and world if we were all like God.

May God bless you and hold you in the middle of His palm:thumbsup::slight_smile:


The neutral position can shift away from God.


My dear friend

I think what I’m saying is be like God. Then you don’t worry about being left or right. You see things like God sees them. You think like God. I think this should be the goal. The more we become like God the more the reality we become.

May God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


To be like God, we need to conform to His teachings. His teachings are made known through His Church, so adhering to her infallible guidance is crucial.

Her infallible guidance also happens to be very conservative on moral issues.

The social issues brought up in the lead post are non-infallible teachings. You’re at liberty to think what you want on these things.


My dear friend

i totally agree. The church is very conservative because it conserves the deposit of faith. It must be conservative therefore. One must align ones will with Gods and His church. The church teaches truth not with a right or left bias, just truth. i accept all the church teaches, always have since I first heard it. So I agree with you:thumbsup:

May God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


I could see you agreed with me. Besides, I’ve seen enough of your posts to know how you stand with Catholic doctrine faithfully. It just wasn’t obvious to everyone, because you were talking about a “neutral” position and the Church is morally conservative. I know what you mean, though.


Thanks dear friend. I’m not always spot on with the terminology:thumbsup::slight_smile:

God bless;)


I consider myself a very devout and orthodox Catholic. I also am a member of the US Army currently deployed to Iraq, and a ‘right - winger’. I too feel for the world’s poor but I believe the best solutions are market based.

I also have very little pity on the so-called “poor in America”. I have no problem with gov’t handouts in Africa or Asia, but outside of the physically or mentally disabled in America, there are very few people whom are anything but poor by choice. People get down on their luck and that is why there is a safety net, but I can not subscribe to cradle to grave socialism. In addition, poverty is most certainly relative in comparison to what I have experience here in Iraq and in my two tours to Southern Serbia (province of Kosovo).

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