Can I be skeptical about psychology?

I was wondering if there is any doctrine that prevents me from not believing in psychology. I have personally struggled with my faith and have had many personal struggles as well. I feel that psychology contends for my loyalty to Christ. I believe that Christ is the healer of my soul, not psychology. Scripture says that the Lord is my sherpherd. I feel that, nowadays, many people believe that psychology is their shepherd. So, is there any way that Church teaching would prevent me from *not *believing in psychology?

Psychology is a science that studies the mind. While the Church does not make scientific pronouncements, it also does not reject the good that science discovers but seeks to use those discoveries to better understand the faith. So, while the Church would not say you “must” believe in psychology, it would say that to dismiss any science because some of the practitioners or adherents are overly-enthusiastic is problematic. As an analogy, it would be like dismissing the science of geology because some people used to keep pet rocks.

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