Can I be sure that it wasn't not mortal sin if I now think that it's not sin?

If I now think that some action wasn’t sinful, can I be sure that I didn’t have fulness of knowledge of it’s sinfulness at the time of an action? I am becoming scrupulos and I am afraid that many things I used to do regularely are sinful. I am almost sure they are not, but something inside is telling me that it could be mortal sin and that by recieving eucharist I am going to sin again because I actually know that my actions are sinful, but just pretend I don’t know because I love myself more than Gor and don’t want to repent and stop doing it. Can I be sure that things for which I now think that they aren’t sinful aren’t mortal sin? What about having doubts about sinfulness of the act I have done? Does having doubts now mean that I didn’t have fulness of knowledge at the time I did somrthing?

Go to confession. Give the priest the full story. Trust the priest’s advice.

First, are you under the care or guidance if a priest for this scrupulosity? That would be the best way to get the help you need, as well as the answers you need.

In the meantime, I would consider the action as objectively as you can: imagine if your friend told you he or she had committed that act. In that case, would you say it was a sin?

And last, when my thoughts go round and round like that, I have found it is best to treat that tendency as a temptation, so I pray for help! and I just keep praying til I see it has stopped. If it comes back, I do it again. Relying on Christ, on Mary, on my Guardian Angel, and on the saints usually helps me dissipate those thoughts.

But these are just suggestions to hold you over til you can talk with uour priest, which you should do really soon! The “medicine” will work better the earlier you take it.

OK, thanks for responses, but I would like an answer on the question above. If I am not sure about sinfulness of the action now, could I have had full knowledge at the time of the action? I am not sure I am beeing scrupulos…

My answer would be maybe, maybe not. It depends on specifics like the nature of the matter, whether the matter is even grave to begin with, et cetera.

However, since you yourself admit scrupulosity is involved, my advice still stands: Go to confession. Listen to the priest’s advice.

You can analyze whether a sin is mortal enough until it turns you crazy. But in reality, when in doubt, it is the confessor’s job to make such assessments. On a forum, it can be useful to discuss whether something is grave matter. But whether or not a specific act constituted mortal sin, is something you won’t get a good answer to here - only a confessor can answer that.

I have went to confession saying “I am if I have … (for example willingly allowed doubtful thoughts to get in my head)” many times, but I feel that maybe the more I do that, the more unsure I am about my life. I am afraid that I am not ready to change my lifestyle for God and that I am playing tricks on myself saying that something isn’t sin. I constantly remember sins from my past (from the time I didn’t have such doubts) and, knowing that it is my dutty to confess mortal sins that I haven’t confessed in last confession, I feel confused. Regular confession at my parish is a priest who really doesn’t seem to care. I am not saying he doesn’t, but it really seeems like he doesn’t. Some say he has problems with alchohol and I really don’t want to think about that, but I really don’t feel safe discousing such a serious thing with him.

Did you ask the priest specifically what you asked here? Of course, if you just say what you described in the first sentence, few priests would comment.

However, the reason I’m categorical about asking a confessor, is that from what you write, you are on a dangerous road. These worries you describe are scrupulous in nature, and scrupulosity will only lead you away from God, not closer to Him.

However, there are two things you should remember which are central in Catholic doctrine and practice: First, we are to confess venial sins as well as mortal sins. It is the priest’s job to distinguish between them. Not yours. Not mine. Not any CAF member’s.

Second, if you honestly forget about a possibly mortal sin during confession, it is forgiven. Yes, we are advised to mention such sins in a later confession, but they are forgiven. If you are in doubt, then mention them nonetheless. Let the priest decide and guide you as to whether it is necessary to mention similar sins if you forget them later.

But again, take this up with a priest. If you don’t find your regular confessor to give sufficient advice (I’ll readily admit that not all priests are good at giving advice), then schedule either a confession or spiritual direction (probably the latter is more needed from what you describe) with another priest. Ask people about priests in your area who are good to speak with.

People on CAF cannot make sound judgements regarding what you ask. The specifics are not known to us. And even if they were, it is not in mine, nor any other CAF member’s authority to make such judgements - the only person who has such an authority would be a priest, in confession or spiritual direction.

We can’t answer that question because we don’t knnow enough about the situation or the right questions to ask. This is why we are telling you to get under the care of a priest.

Do you have access to another priest? Can you get to another parish fairly easily and go to confession there? If so, try doing that and asking this other priest for advice.

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