Can I become Catholic even if my parents say no?

Thanks to an extremely good friend, I would really like to become a Catholic (I grew up in Protestant churches). The problem is that my parents have told me that they “will not allow it” and “are in complete opposition” to this (they both attend Protestant churches). I’m 23 and I love and respect them, although I disagree with them regarding this. I’m concerned because, according to the Ten Commandments, I should obey my parents. If this continues indefinitely, is it okay to respectfully disagree and esentially disobey them at this point?

You’re 23, which means you are an adult and responsible for your own life. While you must continue to honor your parents, you no longer owe them the obedience suitable for a minor child. To honor your parents while doing something you know they oppose, you need merely say, “I’m so sorry that we cannot agree on this, but I must follow my conscience, which you taught me to do.” Then “become a broken record” and keep repeating this (or versions of it) to any and all further challenges. God bless, and welcome home!

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