Can I become Catholic even though my wife is opposed?

Is there were any way I could become Catholic even though my wife is dead set against it, stating it would drive a wedge between us? I was a Southern Baptist pastor for 20 years, but then began praying the rosary during a troubled time in my life and had some very, VERY real and convincing experiences with our Blessed Mother. Please tell me there is a way for me to be Catholic in my present circumstances. My heart burns for the Eucharist. I LONG for the Church. What can I do?

Yes, you can indeed become a Catholic even though your wife is opposed; and, indeed, you should if you are convinced in conscience that Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church and that you as a Christian must belong to the Church he founded in order to be faithful to him. Becoming Catholic will be very difficult for your wife and family, but explain that this is something you believe you must do to be faithful to God. Surely, difficult though it may be for her, your wife will want you to remain true to God’s voice speaking to you through your conscience. If this decision does cause marital difficulties, I recommend the work of the Coming Home Network. If assistance from a Christian-friendly counselor is needed, I also recommend the Pastoral Solutions Institute and The article and books listed below may also be helpful. God bless.

**Recommended reading:

A Marriage Saved in Heaven** by Robin Maas (article)
Rome Sweet Home by Scott and Kimberly Hahn (book)
When Only One Converts, edited by Lynn Nordhagen (book)
Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic by David B. Currie (book)

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