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I am divorced and remarried. In 1986 was my first marriage date in a Baptist church to a baptized Baptist. In 2000 divorced. Then in 2001 second marriage date by a justice of the peace to a baptized Baptist. 2008 I was baptized and confirmed in the Episcopal church, I had never been baptized before. My children from my first marriage are grown. I do not have any children by my current marriage. My husband is not planning on becoming Catholic, but has no disagreement to me doing so. Will I need an annulment to join the Catholic Church since I was not baptized at the time of either marriage ceremonies? Will my husband and I need to get married again?

You should make personal contact with a priest to get these questions answered.

Are there no priests for this forum?

There are but basically what will need to happen is the validity of your first marriage will need to be investigated as you will need a decree of nullity. You should speak to a priest in person in order to start this process. It is a healing process that will help you. Also once this is done if a decree of nullity is granted than you will be free to have your current marriage convalidated making you able to be able to be received into the Church. We have a group on here that is a support group for those going through the process and I will send you the link. God bless and welcome.

You will need to submit your situation to your local parish priest and he will guide you through the tribunal process to have your first marriage examined for validity.

This depends upon a number of factors. Again, you need to discuss the situation personally with your priest.

There are some priests who post here on occasion. That’s not relevant.

What you must understand is that each marriage situation is unique and the only **accurate **answer regarding your situation is going to come after you sit down locally with your priest or tribunal representative, lay out ALL the facts of your marriage situation, and have them evaluate it.

On a forum like this, there are some general questions that can be answered but you should not depend upon them as definitive-- the general answers given may not apply to your specific situation.

Thanks to everyone for the replies, your input was greatly appreciated.


try not to get overwhelmed. just take things one step at a time and trust in God.

I have one more question. As you read above, I was not baptized at the times of either of my marriage ceremonies. BUT, when I did get baptized a couple of years ago, it was by a female priest in the Episcopal church. Does the Catholic Church recognize my baptism? or am I still considered to have never been baptized?

I believe Episcopal Church baptism are recognized - the main things that are looked for is that the baptism was done with water and was done in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

If you were baptized with water in the Trinitarian formula (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) your baptism is valid.

The sex of the person who baptized you is not relevant to its validity.

It’s a valid Baptism. Indeed the fact it was conferred by a female ‘priest’ does not alter how valid the sacrament of Baptism. If Anglican Baptisms were not valid all the clergymen transfering from the Church of England to Catholicism in the UK right now would need rebaptising.

As Joan says generally were a Trinitarian form is used Baptisms are valid. There are some groups, such as Mormons, who lack valid Baptism but even some groups with er, dubious theology confer valid Baptisms. Such as the SDA for example.

As to the other points. As one poster has said these situations are so individual and differ subtly from person to person that at best you will get a range of opinions which may provide you some useful feedback. It is best to talk to someone in the real world.

not enough info, and no way to get an answer pertinent to your own specific situation here. Baptismal status and marital history of all involved in all previous marriages, for one thing, plus all the factors pertaining at the time of the first marriage for another. The only way to get an answer that will meet your own needs is to visit the priest, usually pastor of parish where you wish to be prepared to enter the Church. He will advise you on steps to take. In general, marriages between two non-CAtholics who are otherwise free to marry are considered valid until proven otherwise. That means, on the face of it (again, we don’t know all the facts) your first marriage was valid, and if that man is still alive, your only valid marriage.

In cases like this the marriage tribunal of your Catholic diocese would investigate your history, beginning with the earliest marriage. If that were found to be invalid, they would look at the next marriage and so forth. Only if the judgment were that none of your prior marriages has been valid would you be free to marry your current husband.

Since there are so many variables it is useful only for the most general discussion to consider a specific case here. The fastest way to get information that will help you personally is to see the priest and get started.

The status of any children of any marriage will not be affected by any judgment rendered by the tribunal, so that is not an issue.

Welcome home. I hope you find, as so many have before that the process of resolving your marriage issues becomes a source of great healing and grace, and that no matter how long it takes, being reconciled with the Church is the greatest blessing you can receive.

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