Can I bring my newborn to week day mass?

I am Protestant however I feel extremely drawn the the catholic faith. I have been wanting to attend mass during the week however I have a 10week newborn and don’t want to disrupt the service. Is it ok that I bring her with me? And is it ok that I go even though I am not a Catholic?

Non-Catholics are always welcome to pray with Catholics at Mass. The only restriction is that the Church asks non-Catholics not to receive communion. You also most certainly can bring an infant to Mass, but the question of whether you should depends upon the infant. Some infants are quiet or only moderately “fussy” while other infants might scream and cry as lout as their lungs will let them. If there is a separate “cry area” that can be used then this might be ideal. Otherwise it might be a day to day judgment call.

Interesting reading for all of us: The Catholic Herald’s What should you do when a child starts crying during Mass?

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