Can I buy a music album that includes a blasphemous video?

I am a huge fan of David Bowie (may he rest in peace), and want to buy his album The Next Day Extra, because it is a special edition that includes some rare songs.

Unfortunately, it also includes “The Next Day” video, which has been harshly criticised by the American Catholic League, apparently for blasphemous and obscene use of Catholic imagery. I have no intention of ever watching that video, because I believe that it would be a mortal sin.

Is it morally permissable to buy an album that includes such a video? Would it be a grave sin?


Why would you want to pay for something you do not ever want to see?

You could get all the songs on ITunes or the equivalent.


I would suggest trying to buy the songs separately if possible, but I don’t see how it would be sinful.

As point of correction, David Bowie’s final studio album is “Blackstar” (2016), and the only bonus video included with the album is the title track. Might you might be referring to the video for “Lazarus”?

His last album before that, “The Next Day” (2013), does include video content on some versions, though IIRC, there was no formal declaration from the Magisterium as to its content. We do know the Vatican Tweeted a tribute to Bowie upon his passing:

Your eyes and ears are portholes to the soul. If you watch and listen to vulgar material you dirty your soul.

This is true. However, OP said that they have no intention of watching said dirty video.

Is there anyway you could get the songs you want from another source?

I am not referring to “Lazarus”. That video may be disturbing, but I do not consider it to be blasphemous.

Yes but by just having the video you subject yourself to temptation. I say don’t buy the music with the video. Find another way to get the music you want.

I wouldn’t be tempted to watch the video. My main concern is that I would be giving scandal to the seller. My second concern is that I would have an album that includes a blasphemous video sitting on my shelf.

Why don’t you just get the song separately. If you have to ask the question, it obviously is making you feel conflicted. Maybe not purchasing the music could be something to give up for lent.

Or defer the purchase entirely until after Lent; then you will see the right more clearly.


I like this answer. I hadn’t thought about that. :thumbsup:

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