Can I call myself Mormon?

Can I call myself Mormon without believing or practicing in the core belief system of the LDS; but in fact believe something diametrically opposed to it? Yet we have Mormons doing just this by claiming to also be Christian…

You are defining Mormonism by your definition of what it means to be Christian. Not by their definition.

Mormons ARE Christian, but in a non-traditional sense.

Sorry to burst your bubble of a prism.

I’m not sure I would so cleanly classify LDS as Christian. They do not believe that Jesus Christ is God and that makes it difficult put them in the Christian camp.

I have read posts that explain why Catholics are not Christians. To me, a Catholic, I find that absurd. I would imagine that a member of the LDS faith would consider my claim that they are not Christian to be equally absurd. We can have hope that Christ, in His infinite mercy, will look on us with compassion and judge us accordingly.


There are people who claim Catholicism but are at very odds with what Catholic Teachings are. IMHO Mr Kennedy…Ms.Pelosi …to name a few.

Some of my friends call themselves “cowgirls”…BUT never…:shrug:.

And as a Christian myself, am I not able to define the core beliefs of Christianity as practiced since 33 AD as cited in the Nicene Creed (something they consider to be heretical)versus the JSmith version? For starters we don’t worship the same God,they have a different Jesus, disagree on the Trinity–Marie these are CORE BASIC Christian beliefs! True Christianity needs to take a stand when confronted w a heresy that claims to be “Christian” as well…

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