Can I Change up my day and night prayers?

Hello all. I was wondering if it would be acceptable for me to change up my morning and evening prayers, since I usually always pray the same prayers? I believe I am scrupulous, so does anyone have any advice as to how not to feel guilty about this. I saw something on the Internet about not sincere, repetitive prayers, so maybe I should change it up a little?

Also, today I was praying the Rosary, and I was a little bit tired. I imagine that the Blessed Mother still heard my prayer, and that it is okay if I was a little tired. :gopray2:

Thank you!

Yes, You’re fine. Be at peace.

I don’t see private prayers as anything but sincere.

Agree with Clare. You’re fine.

Change your prayers if you wish; they are yours to give to God. Even if they seem repetitive you are still in payer. It is OK to be tired while praying the Rosary. I would imagine the Blessed Mother, being a mother herself, would understand as she was probably often tired herself. It is the intent of the prayer that counts. The apostles fell asleep in the garden as Jesus prayed. He “fussed” at them, but didn’t condemn them for their frailties.

In the back of the LOTH books there are other prayers and poetry if you want to change your routine of prayers occ. per desire. It is all good. Good prayer comes from the heart and feel free to make and write you your own prayers when the Spirit stirs your soul. Think of David and the Songs of David and many psalms in the OT.

LOTH= Liturgy of the Hours=the official prayers of the Church.

How to pray privately is up to the individual. The most important thing is that you are faithful in your prayers. Set aside time every day for prayer.

Thank you all for your suggestions. I might change it up tonight, but it is likely that my scrupulosity will stop me from doing so, as I am thinking that I might be committing the sin of sloth by leaving out prayers.

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