Can I convert if I have a live-in partner?

I have been living with my partner for about six years. She is Catholic but divorced twice with an adult son. We are in our early 60s. I would like to become a Catholic (I am a member of an Eastern Orthodox church), but she refuses to get married again. I could try to conceal our relationship or try to find a really liberal priest and parish, but neither seems right. What are my options?

If your live-in partner refuses to do what is necessary to regularize your relationship, your only option is to end the relationship and move out (or move her out, depending on whose home it is in which the two of you reside). Even if you end up deciding not to convert to Catholicism, you should still either regularize your relationship or end it. Cohabitation outside of marriage transgresses basic Christian morality, not just specific Catholic morality.

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