Can I date a girl who is a Wiccan?

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OP, since you know she’s a wiccan, I assume she knows you are a practicing Catholic. A casual date is not out of the question. You might ask her about Wicca and how she practices it and also ask her to tell you what she thinks being a practicing Catholic means.

Depending on her frame of reference, she may not realize that being a practicing Catholic means accepting what the Church teaches and leading a family in the Church. Not that you are going to talk marriage right away (although some people that do the online dating route get to that question sooner rather than later) but she should understand that your faith is not just a “me and Jesus” thing but that it affects all areas of your life.

It’s too earl to talk about “breaking it off” if you haven’t even dated yet.

P.S. If you DO date and DO get serious, seek counseling earlier rather than later. The Church is pretty serious about mixed marriages but many people go into pre-cana in a “love haze” and don’t think any of the challenges will happen to them.

Oh yes, hard atheists. I once had an atheist friend take offence at the small wooden cross that hangs from my rear view mirror, when I was giving her a lift, in my own car! Needless to say I never gave her a lift again. That same ‘chippiness’ is (in my opinion) often found amongst Wiccans, Driuds etc.

Agreed, My former girlfriend once told me “to bad they (the gods) don’t exist” to which I replied “your lack of belief in them dosnt make them any less real”.

And in my experience the hostility of some “liberal pagans”, Wiccans, Celts, Druids, Eclectics, ect. is generally based on A. Personal experience with the church, and B. The historic destruction of paganism in Europe by Christendom.

Seeing as most modern incarnations of paganism are very young, there are few people who were born and raised as pagans, the majority being converts from Christianity. This is probably the main source of hostility towards the church, especialy with female pagans.

The other reason, the historic one, is based on a combination of fantasy and selective history. The story of Gardners Wiccan lineage dating back millennia is totaly false, with no evidence whatsoever. Further, the witch trials of the late Middle Ages rarely even involved actual witches, but false accusations and confessions under torture. The spread of Christianity may have at times and in places been the result of violence and government coercion, but we killed plenty of Christians too, and 2000 years ago my ancestors were sacrificing roman captives to Tywaz.

Alot of pagans, particularly Wiccans harbor resent ment for Christianity. I say what’s done is done, I harbor no personal resentment for the church, and regardless of the history of Europes conversion, it was violent times, and we to we’re violent.

Hopefully this young lady understands that.

I had a conversation just yesterday with someone who formerly was Catholic, but then became Wiccan.

Nothing they could say about white/black magic or left/right paths made any logical sense. Disturbingly, I found that the reason they pursued Wicca is because to them, there is
no Satan :eek:

The actual story of the marriage of a Catholic man with a wiccan wife which is linked below shows some of the possibilities that may occur then. --at

Yes Wiccans do not believe there is a being of pure evil. I’ve never understood why people are so surprised that non christians don’t believe in Satan.

I want to know why like of belief in a being of pure evil makes white vs dark magic illogical.

I’d say just remember what the intention of dating is. If you’d be dating her to convert her–that is probably not a good reason to start a relationship.

I don’t recommend that you pursue this relationship. Religiously mixed relationships are tough. My wife is a former Protestant and that was BRUTAL! At least we believed in the same God!

I am going to give you some good advice.

There are approx. ONE BILLION Catholics on Earth.

Let’s say that 50% of them are women. You are now looking at a pool of 500 MILLION.

Let’s say that half of them a married and/or out of your age group. You now have 250 MILLION. Not bad. Almost the population of the United States! (approx. 300 million)
I would say that if you looked at a pool of 250 million Catholic women, you’re bound to find one that you like, AND that shares our faith.

My wife and I argued bitterly about how our future children would be raised before she became Catholic. It is MY humble opinion that you have very good chances for finding a good Catholic to date.

Would you want to spend your life together with someone who invokes demons etc? I’d say you indirectly give access to these then, by uniting yourself with someone who’s into such practices.

[BIBLEDRB]2 Corinthians 6:14-15[/BIBLEDRB]

You made a false assumption from the beginning. We can not convert any one to Christianity
That event belongs to the God-man Jesus Christ alone, and all those that try will fail. It is true that many are used by God to lead them to Him. So forget the idea of converting her. God loves His creation, everybody. He loves your girl friend. Unless you know your Faith well enough, and are mature enough then there might be a chance. You have plenty of posters who from their own experience have warned you of the possibility of making a bad, or dangerous choice. The experience of infatuation or even of sex have made for a lot of broken marriages. Life is filled with illusions, and they all fade. Satan has a powerful grip on humanity, and from this grip comes all of humanity’s inhumanity to man. I know for a fact , he is real and God taught me by experience what we are up against. We need His help, His Spirit to “conquer ourselves” before we can even help others. You are young, probably naive, idealistic with a religious leaning like many of us were, and maybe still are. Falling out of love with our idea of love, and facing reality can be painful, but maturing. Always pray for strength and guidance remain faithful to Christ and He will see you through. God bless you.

I’d say just remember what the intention of dating is. If you’d be dating her to convert her–that is not a good reason to start a relationship.
So , without probably , and i agree !!

  1. I’d advise against dating anyone I should not be marrying. I generally advise against mixed marriages as unfair to both the Catholic and the non-Catholic. While the Church grants dispensations, she does with reluctance. I’m not saying break it off, but consider the implications of marrying a non-Christian, what that means for you, her, and the children (remember she has to make the promises!).

  2. It’s a bad idea to do missionary dating. While we should all be inviting to cooperate with God in facilitating conversion, we cannot force the Faith on anyone. Your suitee has a free will, you know.

In conclusion, I’d advise you discuss it with a priest or religious qualified to counsel you. And I’d think real long and hard about this.

Absolutely not.

You really place yourself in a dangerous position. I feel, by placing yourself in her orbit, you can open yourself up to many harmful spiritual things. I wouldn’t do it. As much as it may hurt or cause you some difficulty. Don’t.

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