Can I do centering prayer?

Is it ok in centering prayer to coordinate breath with the repetition of “Maranatha” as a mantra? If so, is it ok to inhale on the first syllable, then exhale on the last 3 syllables? I had learned a breathing technique for relaxation years ago, and incorporated it into centering prayer, however I am wondering if I should let go of trying to control the breath in this way.

A bit of background. I began meditating about 3 years ago. That led me to centering prayer using the mantra, but I was inconsistent with it. I have since started back with twice daily meditation about a month ago. This was after reading some literature written by Buddhist monks, and I was concentrating on breath alone. It is called vipisanna in Buddhism. Then about a week or so ago I started realizing I should go back to using my Catholic mantra, even though I realize God is the creator of my breath.

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