Can i eat egg / tuna or chicken breast on fridays?

Are these considered meat or meat biproducts? I am really into working out and I need alot of protein in my diet

Does whey protein count as meat biproduct?

What about beer and alchohol? Is this restricted too?

Also, any high protein reccomendations?(no tofu pls)

Egg and tuna–yes
alcohol allowed–yes
whey protein–yes

You can eat fish of any kind. No chicken, beef, or pork basically. Dairy and eggs are fine.

This may help:

Other high protein foods: cheese, legumes, nuts, seafood, seeds, yogurt

Oops… I already ate chicken today.

Lets say you chose to eat meat, how much would a sin would that be? What if you chose not to observe thse rules (simply because it just isnt practical today)… Would this be a grave sin?

I heard you can also do an extra devotion for penance or something like that correct me if I am wrong

I am pretty consistent with the sacraments and everything else… but this rule is really pushing it for me. Its hard enough as it is already to be honest.

To eat meat on Fridays of Lent is a grave matter, and to do so knowingly and with full consent constitutes mortal sin. How is it not practical today? Eat eggs, fish, other seafood, tofu, yogurt. LOTS of protein filled foods that are not meat and, hence, do not break abstinence.

[quote=LilSheep’s Signature]FYI: : I’m MALE

Endure without complaint my life motto

I like how faithful you are to your motto. :smiley: Had to get that joke out of the way, but seriously we are bound on penalty of sin to obey the disciplinary laws of the Church. Accidental infractions are one thing, but it is gravely wrong to disregard them altogether. On Fridays outside of lent it is acceptable to make an alternate sacrifice, but on Fridays during lent we are given no such option. Hope this helps.

Pax te cum.

While I understand, at the same time I don’t. This is one day out of the week where you have to abstain from meat, and you can still have fish, which is actually far more nutritious in most cases.

Here’s what I ate this Friday:

A pop tart
A sandwich, yogurt, and an apple
And some shrimp pasta for dinner

Normally I eat a lot more for lunch and often my mother makes very meat filled dishes for dinner. But one, just one day is not a huge sacrifice. You should definitely pray about this, and while I’m not certain about the culpability of this, any time you knowingly wrong, it’s a pretty big no no, and while obviously God will forgive you, it would just be the right thing to do to observe a very, very minor fast on Fridays. Just think about Jesus in the desert. How do you think he felt 10 days in? And you don’t even have Satan around offering you eternal riches and power!

Anyway, no judgment from me, because I have broken my Lenten obligations more times than I can count over the years, but I promise you will regret it later as I do now.


Making a mistake because you don’t understand what abstinance entails is not such a big deal (although I don’t know how one makes it to adulthood as a Catholic without knowing it), and neither is the occasional, “Oh, no, today’s Friday” after your lunchtime turkey sandwich. But deciding “My high-protein diet is more important to me than honoring God” that is a big deal indeed.

Fish is good protein, and supposed to be better for you than land-based meat. I don’t happen to like fish, but there are also eggs, cheese, “Texturized vegetable protein” (i.e. fake chicken), beans and peas, nuts, and even some kinds of breads or pastas.

Compared to other major world religions, the Church makes relatively few dietary restrictions. I mean, Christianity is the only major world religion that lets you have a bacon cheeseburger, and that is a great blessing. :slight_smile: But if you’re Catholic, there are eight days a year on which you can’t have one. Eight days a year isn’t really a lot, and giving up non-fish meat isn’t really that great a hardship. As my mother would have said when I was growing up, there are millions of people who would be extremely grateful for that cheese sandwich. (She would have said it, but she never had to, because I happen to love cheese sandwiches. :D)


Okay fine I retract, Jesus wouldnt have never complained and this is nothing compared to what he endured

Thanks for your posts.

You have made the right choice. God will give you strength to do what you need to do without meat.

I don’t know about in American, but here in England and Wales, Abstination from Meat is obligatory for ALL Fridays of the year (except solemnities), don’t complain it’s penance (:.

Not complaining, but I did hear someone say they were “as hungrey as a hostage” once. lol.

I see my penance for fridays as when I go in and the cooks have made a lovely beef cawl, but I have to resist the temptation and go with the Fish :(. People don’t realize just how hard that is, especially when the Cawl smells so tempting! however it’s a force of practice now lol, quite glad the Bishops brought it back in!

Try a Boca Burger! All kinds of veggie substitutes in the frozen food section–brats, bacon, burgers, sausage, breakfast items…:slight_smile:

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