Can I get a voluntary two week time out?

And not have it count in my disciplinary permanent record?

I need a break and I probably don’t have the discipline to just not log in.


You could have a friend/spouse or someone you trust on CAF temporarily change your password.


You are not alone.


I’ve given it a lot of thought. In fact, it’s been on my mind a lot for a while to simply say goodbye permanently, but there’s this compulsive nature in me that says I’m sooo close to the 10 year mark…

I need something that prevents me from going down the rabbit hole of threads that really aren’t worth my time (because they don’t edify my faith) and also to have the comment/reply feature disabled so I don’t post my usual rambling nonsense.

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I’m getting tired too. A seemingly endless parade of misogyny, racism (I already know one poster of color who left because they weren’t comfortable), homophobia, endless political arguments that go nowhere, people expecting the end of the world or the end of the Church to arrive any minute, people who insist upon arguing with priests who have much more knowledge than themselves, and all kinds of people with all kinds of ills that they should be taking to a priest or a doctor or a counselor rather than to the Internet. Those of us who use the forum have very little control over any of this. Surely there has got to be a better way. Right now it is not helping me to grow in charity.


CAF it’s like the worst Parish imaginable. Even the Priests and Religious run away from it.


I’m not sure if I should :rofl: or :sob:, but I completely agree.


Did you ever get a response from the staff?

Anyway, I thought there were a few interesting responses in this thread about CAF addiction. It is possible, through our power as Patrons, to request from CAF some form of compensation for treatment. Or even, have CAF provide the treatment through, and I’m just throwing out ideas here, a counseling service for those who wish to stop posting but cannot due to addiction.

It’s interesting…CAF has done a lot of work making this forum a place where members have an enjoyable user experience. Is the experience now so satisfying that it is difficult for some of us to walk away from? These are difficult questions to answer. Perhaps I can make a request that CAF provide an addition to its current disclaimer. One that warns users of the potential dangers of addiction - much like tobacco products are required to have. Hopefully Congress will not have to get involved.

In hope, we as Catholics can look forward to the time when addictions are tossed aside in favor of something more edifying to our souls. That time is not far away. In fact it’s only a few months away. Lent is always a great time to give up on CAF. But until then, we can do penance in preparation for advent.

I did. They very helpfully silenced my account until today.


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