Can I get in line for communion?

I’ve already established I have gone astray and made God sad, but I want to know if I can go to communion during the Mass with this sin.
I got 6 Php500 bills from my godmother, and I showed the envelope to my grandma. She has Alzheimer’s disease, and always thinks she is out of money. She decided to get one of the six bills, and hid it between her knees. First time it happened, and I caught her with the bill. I honestly don’t care much about money anymore, but it has been engrained in my head that she will lose that bill because my mom and dad always give her money and she will always lose it, and so I got a little worried. At first, she was joking, but I realized she was really trying to get the money, and Php500 is a lot of money to lose. When I got it back for me to keep in a safe place, she got really moody and I felt like I did something wrong. I know I hurt and disrespected my grandma, but I don’t know if I did anything grave.

You didn’t do anything wrong…you didn’t steal from anyone…

This is YOUR money that your Godmother gave to YOU.

Your Grandma deciding to take one and hide it between her knees doesn’t suddenly make it her money,

And because you yourself said its alot of money and she has alzheimers and has a past record of losing money given to her then I think you did the right thing getting YOUR money back before your grandma lost or misplaced it…

I dont see how you commited a sin, but if it bothers you then speak to a priest and get him to put your mind at ease over whether or not it is a sin

God bless you.

Crystal waters

I think I understand your explanation of your perceived sin, and see no sin. Just say an Act of Contrition, go to communion, and confess it soon. Your confessor, particularly if he knows your native language, can help you with this. Be angry at the disease, not your grandmother. She will soon forget her anger, particularly if you distract her from her concern about money.

Why not talk to your priest anyway. Communion is not mandatory apart from once a year during the Easter period.

Just because something we do results in someone else’s being sad or angry does *not *mean that what we did was a sin. Sometimes we do the right thing, or a neutral thing and someone else reacts badly, but that does not change the moral aspect of our action.

Don’t worry about your grandmother–she will probably forget about what happened. She is like a little child now, and you protected her from doing something wrong :slight_smile:

Saying Communion is not mandatory except once a year is like saying it’s not really that important. Sad to say the Church does have to require us to go to Confession and Communion at LEAST once a year but that is aimed at those who don’t go any more often and need a bit if a nudge to get back on the right track. For most Catholics I sincerely hope that is not the case, and they will learn to cherish the fact that we have those two Blessed Sacraments available to us every day of the year. Maybe if we Catholics acquire a better attitude about such things we will be able to set a good example for others. And the Church sorely needs that!!! God Bless and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, Memaw

I go to confession and communion weekly, and this is because I want God in me. I don’t see it as an obligation, though it feels like a mere habit at times.

You should think before spouting stupid comments. I did not say or imply Communion was not important and for you to suggest that is what I meant is silly and I want an apology.
OBVIOUSLY we should receive regularly. The OP seems worried that he might not be able to receive. My point was that it is not mandatory so he shouldn’t worry about not receiving on this occasion… He should go to Confession and the priest will tell him what we cannot.

Your attack on me contradicts God bless and Merry Christmas.

Definitely agree. And I want to go to communion, and I think it is important, and I cherish that. I just got back home to my hometown, and I found out they hold confessions every single day! I got giddy and excited about that! And I found out that people do actually still go to church every single day!

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