Can I get married twice to the same person in our Church?

Hello. I need good answers. Me and my husband had our civil marriage done a month ago. I just read we are not allowed to receive Holy Communion since we are not married in our church yet. We wanted to have our church wedding in the Philippines but it came to us that we are committing sin right now for not having our wedding in the church. To avoid that, can we have a church wedding here in the US and have another one in the Philippines? :confused: We really really want to have one in the Philippines because all our family, relatives are there. Thank you in advance. God bless. :smiley:


You really should have checked with a priest before attempting marriage outside of the Catholic Church. The Church does not consider you to be validly married and any attempt to have marital relations is a mortal sin.

So now, you can do one of two things. You can be married in the Catholic Church here and then have a Mass of thanksgiving in the Philippines. It would not be a wedding.

Or you can go to Confession and live as brother and sister here until you are married in the Church in the Philippines. You cannot have two valid weddings.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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