Can i get opinions on this video i made about a highly debated topic


Thanks :D


I would like all negative and positive feed back for this video please


My only recommendation would probably be a closing slide to draw together points made in the video and provide a solid conclusion. Aside from that, nice work.


First: Good work overall on producing this video on a much misunderstood topic.

I see that you are exploring the ethics of euthanasia from a moral and Judaeo-Christian viewpoint. I especially liked that it was from this point of view since arts and media have swamped us with arguments and stories in favor of euthanasia.

Try to differentiate briefly at the beginning the definition of euthanasia versus "stopping artificial means". Read the works of Pope John Paul II and others who are very clear on the difference between "stopping extraordinary/artificial means to prolong life" versus euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide. Water and food are not "extraordinary/artificial, for example.

One of the arguments (which you presented somewhat by a priest) was about what can happen to that person in the months, weeks, and days before his death. I would like to see more about what I have heard hospice workers say: in the final days they have seen patients go from angry and hostile to acceptant and open to loved ones and their own lives in general. THIS IS CRUCIAL for all parties involved: for the patient and their unburdening of their soul-not leaving in a state of anger and unforgiveness; and for the loved ones to experience the transformation of love and forgiveness before that beloved person dies.

I think something needs to be said about medical personnel and the government having the power to end a life--what does this do to an individual as well as a society (Reference the early euthanasia policies of Nazi germany.)
Also what does this do if someone wants to inherit money sooner than later from a family member? I have seen in my work where even the patient states that they want their money to go to their family rather than to their own health--what kind of message does this teach the family for subsequent generations? How does one approach old age when this idea is set in the minds of a family/society?

Suicide negatively affects families for generations. Most of our American society which worships being youthful, devalues aging. How can euthanasia promote life-affirming aging?

Insurance companies are run with a profit motive; how does euthanasia affect the health care provided to our sick and elderly?

I don't like the suicide razor--it stands out as different from the rest of your video--kind of a false drama. Razors rarely achieve suicide anyway. If you have to use a symbol, use a picture of a distraught person or their depressed and distraught surviving family.

I liked the music in the background-Was that "Beautiful"? If so, excellent choice for this topic.

Your work looks very good; your topic is incredibly important; I like your speakers and wish you had more of them; Good luck with your project and with your film and bioethics careers.


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