Can I give all of the indulgences I would normally recieve from an act to another person in purgatory?


If I were to do such a thing, God would repay me much more than I gave away right? Do many people offer all the indulgences they would get to other people?


I was just discussing this very topic with a friend the other day. I have been trying to make it a personal practice/habit to offer up an extra prayer, rosary, suffering, indulgence, etc. for the neediest of souls in purgatory.

I think it is a good and loving thing to offer up what we can for someone who has absolutely no one praying for them and that for one reason or another has been forgotten over time.

Not sure of the payback or exchange, etc. I like to think, just a theory/thought of mine, that someone you lend a hand to in reaching their heavenly journey (church triumphant) will be a great allie to pray for your soul while we are still on earth (church militant) and possibly in purgatory ourselves (church suffering).

As I said, I try to think about those who have been totally forgotten by mortals and include them in my prayers as often as possible.


For heaven’s sake try not to think of such things in terms of getting ‘payback’ for yourself! As St Paul says, God loves a cheerful giver, and the most cheerful of all is the selfless giver.

Think of the good you’re doing for the poor souls, hope that your example will teach and inspire others to do the same and know that it is all pleasing to God and leave it at that.


You might be interested in learning about the HEROIC ACT OF CHARITY.

The Heroic Act offers to God for the souls in purgatory all the satisfactory works which he will perform during his lifetime, and also all the suffrages which may accrue to him after his death.If you do a web search on the “Heroic Act of Charity” or “Heroic Act of Love” you can find out some more information. Traditionally there were several indulgences attached to such an act.

Thank you for praying for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.


Well now, we can’t really guarantee that, but just think how much more perfectly you will come to love God by imitating His Son Jesus by giving your all for others and being willing to lengthen your own suffering to shorten theirs!
Yes, many Saints have made the Heroic Act of Charity!

Here’s an article about it

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