Can I go to a Protestant crowning ceremony?


I have come to be good friends with an evangelical Protestant woman. Our daughters are on a team together. I have been invited to the daughter’s “crowning, which is a little like First Communion.” She wants me to go because she wants her daughter “to see other women who realize the importance of our faith.” She apparently goes to the Catholic Good Friday service with a friend, so she does not appear to be anti-Catholic. Would this be considered an interfaith service that Pius XI forbade Catholics to attend?


I don’t know what a Protestant “crowning ceremony” is, but, from your description, it sounds as though you could attend as a guest.

For more information on the extent to which Catholics may attend and participate in Protestant services, I recommend Principles and Norms on Ecumenism, which reflects the Church’s current disciplines and directives on Catholic and Protestant interfaith services.

Recommended reading:

Pope Pius XI and Ecumenism by Amy Barragree

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