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Greetings everybody. First of all, I wanted to thank you all for your constant prayers for my family’s conversion and for my faith, even though they remain Protestants. Fortunately, I live near a church, which has mass early on Sunday mornings, so I go there, without my parents knowing (because my parents would kill me if they knew). Last week, I asked the priest if there was anything wrong with going to a Protestant service. His response was ‘‘no’’. He even said that he had some Evangelical friends who have invited him to their church services. But, I’ve recently looked up on the issue, and some say that it is a mortal sin to go to a Protestant service, while other say that it is okay if you don’t partake in any of their major ceremonies, like dancing at worship, taking communion and such, and you still go to mass. Also, part of the problem is that I am still subject to my parents, and that means I HAVE to go to their service, without being able to choose, and I also have to worship, dance, sing, spin around, take part in communion, etc., or else it all just brakes into a fight. I was also reading the constitution of my country, which says that you can choose your own religion or faith and NOBODY can force you into going to a worship service that goes against what you believe.

So, my question is, is it a sin for me as a teen to go to my parents worship service, even when I’m forced to go, or is it okay considering my situation?, and, is there anything I can LEGALLY do in order to not be bullied around by my family?

That’s the problem, I’m FORCED to pray with them, to take communion, to completely twist the meaning of the Sacred Scriptures… It’s really unbearable. But I have to. Or else, my parents think that I am dishonoring them and disobeying God Himself!

No one can force you to eat, and no one can force you to pray. When they have their prayers just bow you head and say your own prayers.

If you are a minor, obedience to your parents is important.

When you become an adult you can then convert to Catholicism.


You’d be surprised.

I try to. But my parents force me to pray out loud. And if I pray an ‘‘Our Father’’, it’s World War Three!

You can be . . . Catholic in your heart . . . while obeying our parents otherewise. . . .

I agree. But, there tends to be a difference between obeying and letting the other person manipulate and abuse you.

About that, the priest said that, since I have been baptized (and their is only one baptism), and I believe in the Apostle’s Creed (Everthing about Catholicism. Ex: Sacraments, Authority, etc.), an if I decide to become a Catholic, then I already am one.

Interesting because the Our Father is in the Bible. Matthew 6:9–13

I know. The tend to contradict themselves and the Bible on a daily basis.

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That’s the thing. They force me into worship. They believe that that is the will of God.

They literally cannot.

I can demand, I can punish, I can beat, and I can fight that people would worship how I want, but in the end, nothing I do can force them to.

You just have to be quiet

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Oh. Okay. Thanks.

The Pope said that he and some Argentinian Catholics attend the Holy Mass on an Anglican parish when he’s young if there’s no priest available in their parish. And Anglicans do vice versa if there’s no pastor or priest. Since their Churches are not very distant from each other. It’s not totally wrong but we should accept the fact that they were not the same.

You can attend Protestant services like Bible studies but not to fully participate by partaking in their communion (the Eucharist) in the Holy Mass if they have it.

Exactly. But, that’s the problem. They FORCE me to take part in EVERYTHING of the service, including communion.

What do you think they’d say if you just told them directly: “Mom and dad, I don’t have the same interpretation of the Bible as you, and I don’t believe exactly as you believe” ?

The OP is a minor, subject to his parents. CAF rules forbid telling a minor to disobey their parents.


Thank you for this info but I’m not telling him to disobey his parents, I just told him that it’s ok to attend their Mass and services but not wholly participate.

I’m afraid I already know, because I have already done it. They start getting aggressive and defensive and think that I am insulting God. And, if I’m lucky, I only get sent to my room.

Pardon, but, what is ‘‘OP’’ and ‘‘CAF’’?

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