Can I go to confession?

I’m a divorced Catholic whose marriage was never annulled. I’ve remarried civilly and am aware that I cannot receive the Eucharist. I’m wondering, though, if I am allowed to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t seem to find an answer to this. I’m a lapsed catholic who is really feeling drawn back and I feel like I should make a good confession. Please help.


By all means, YES! You are being called to return to the Church. The best thing to do is to call the rectory at your church and schedule and appointment with a priest. Trust the priest (and God!) and take his advice for the next step. Welcome!!

Could not have said it better!! :thumbsup:

Don’t just roll into the confessional for this one, please do make an appointment to speak with the priest so you don’t feel rushed by a line of folks waiting behind you. :slight_smile:

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If you are prepared to stop having sexual intercourse/relations with your civil wife: otherwise: it is the sin against the Holy Spirit: confession requires a desire to give up sin, and return. May I suggest getting the annulment.

I might also note: if you were Catholic and married outside the church or in many other circumstances: there is a very good chance of a very sudden annulment.

Remember: your first duty is to God: who controls your soul: email/PM me if you so desire.


The Sin against the Holy Spirit: would be by confessing some sins without repenting others: and intentionally doing so: I would think. I am not sure on the distinction between venial and mortal here. The Other Sin against the Holy Spirit: is to continue to reject God’s Grace until death: there may be others of course: I researched this ages ago.


I heard it said that when you don’t participate in confession your relationship with Christ can get stale. I thought about it and there is a lot of truth in that statement. If you ever did something wrong towards someone you tend to avoid them. Confession is a beautiful thing.

It is, but like communion: can be sacrilegious: one must determine to repent, or it does not bring forgiveness: and can be deeply sinful! I go either weekly or by-weekly!

For all the ‘yes yes yes’ bandwagoners here - hold your horses. The fact is, as good as senatorleo’s intentions (and yours) are

a) he appears to be clearly aware that his remarriage is considered to be gravely sinful (hence why he cannot receive the Eucharist), and that he is thus currently in a state of mortal sin and

b) he has indicated no intentions of repenting or amending his life in regard to that particular sin, which would require that he live as brother and sister with his current ‘wife’ and seek a decree of nullity (if it’s possible that the first marriage was invalid).

To make things abundantly clear for everyone, senatorleo, you should NOT go to confession unless and until you are prepared in good faith to repent and amend your life by taking the steps listed in b).

I’m not presuming that you’re acting in BAD faith, just that on the very limited information you’ve given us there’s no indication that you are yet properly disposed for confession of that particular sin.

You might want to approach a priest outside the confessional first and explain your situation; make an appointment through your parish office. He will be able to explain what steps you will need to take to make a proper confession so that he can absolve you.

In your situation, if you just go to confession without understanding what you need to do in order to be truly repentant, the priest may not grant absolution, and you might be very disappointed.

And if the priest feels you are properly disposed at your meeting, he may be able to hear your confession right then.

Yes, you could go to Confession and even possibly return to Holy Communion.

If you truly understand the sinfulness of what you have done, are repentant of it and resolve to correct it. That would also require avoiding the possibility of continuing the sexual relationship outside of Marriage. In other words living as brother and sister until the Marriage situation is resolved.

Senatorleo, LilyM and Br. Rich are on the right track.
It’s wonderful that you feel the Holy Spirit calling you back to the church. The church would love to receive you . You need to be able to have contrition and repentence in order to be absolved from sin. This includes your current marriage. You need to be able to resolve the sinfulness of that situation . Definitely call up your Parish and make an appointment with the Pastor or another Priest to get things rolling on you anullment. You will want some pastoral/spiritual direction to help you work your way through this. Ask about confession then.

Prayers for you.

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