Can i go to confession?


I was raised Catholic but i converted to non-denominational Christianity more than a year ago and then back to Catholicism about 7 months ago . I didn’t left the Church officially or anything, i just started to identify myself as a non-denominational Christian. When i re-converted to Catholicsm i didn’t know i have to go through any process to be a Catholic again. So i committed apostasy. I hear that in order to fully return to the RCC i must testify that i am again a Catholic before the bishop and two witnesses if i remember correctly, therefore i cannot go to confession until i do that, because non-Catholics cannot go to confession. Am i assuming correctly? I really need to know this, because i have mortal sins and the sin of apostasy to confess as soon as possible.


A year before I officially joined RCIA and set myself on the road to confirmation, I asked the priest if I could go to confession during one of our healing masses. He told me that all baptised individuals could go to confession as baptism is the pre-requisite for all other sacraments. As someone validly baptized in the Southern Baptist church, I was allowed to give confession, most likely because i was already in the process of inquiring to join the church. In that instance there was no problem, so I imagine for someone actually baptized Catholic would equally be fine. The indelible marks on the soul made by baptism/confirmation remain valid even if you choose to ignore them.

Still, as someone who has been going to the RCC for only 2 years and is just now being confirmed next sunday, I’ll yield to the more knowledgeable members of this forum. I only wanted to tell you how it worked for me and to encourage you to speak to a priest anyway. Nothing is wrong with talking to a priest about your concerns in any stage of your journey.


You were raised Catholic. The process you have to go through is to make a good confession.


I’ve been seeing this a few times lately - I’m pretty sure that not all baptized Christians are allowed the sacrament - baptized Catholics, maybe, but not others. You might want to do another confession before your confirmation.

As to the OP - speak to your priest. I’m not familiar with the rule that you are referencing, but there are many instances in which the Bishop has given authority to priests to handle matters - this may be one of them, if it even applies to your situation.


You are Catholic. You always have been. You were away from the Church.
Welcome home. Go to confession and resume your faith formation.
Absolution for turning away is obtained with a sincere confession.
God bless you.


Call your parish office.

At our parish someone who has been away for a long time may be asked to do some reading to get them caught up and to fill any gaps in their faith formation. They may also need to meet with a priest a time or two. Just ask. They will be DELIGHTED to see you back in the Church.

As for apostasy, ask the priest about this too, but as you were ignorant of the rules, I doubt you would be held to such a high level of accountability. But, ask!


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