Can I go to my Grandpa's baptism at a Southern Baptist church on Easter?

Hey everyone. My Grandpa is getting baptized (for the first time) on Easter but it is at a Southern Baptist church that I grew up in. Am I allowed to attend his baptism? If I do go, I’ll have to go to the entire service. I am definitely going to go to the Easter Vigil Mass so I won’t be missing my obligation but am I allowed to go to a Southern Baptist church for an important event like this? My Grandpa was an Atheist for a long time and he recently chose to become a Christian.

At one time Catholics were not allowed to attend non-Catholic services. However, I think that the Church allows for this now as long as you don’t actively participate in the service. But, I’m not positive about that. You might want to ask your confessor or another orthodox priest. Perhaps those here can provide you with more accurate answers to your question.

Yes, I am sure that you are allowed to attend such a service and baptism. The Catholic Church accepts the validity of Baptist baptisms as long as they use the correct Trinitarian formula. You should be happy for your grandfather that he has embraced Christianity. You can, over time, expose him to the Catholic faith.

Yes, please go. You don’t want to miss such an important event in a family member’s life. Especially something as beautiful as a Baptism. Tell your grandad he’s in my prayers.

I think going would be the right thing. All Trinitatian Baptisms are valid so you don’t have to worry about that. If you are still worried about it, the best person to ask is your priest. Maybe a dispensation is required? I really don’t think so though.

I think it’s fine because he is getting baptized for the first time and becoming Christian. That is wonderful! Now if he was being re-baptized, yes being there could be encouraging his sin. But that’s not the case.

Praise the Lord :slight_smile:

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