Can I have a girl friend if I feel drawn to be a priest?


I think God is calling me to be a priest and i am only 15. What do i do and can i try having girlfriendss to see what its like.:confused:



Dear OO,

You might want to talk to the vocation direcyor of your diocese. He or she can give you information on the diocesan priesthood and on the religious orders in your area. It would be good to have a spiritual director. The vocation director can help you with this as well. Having a daily prayer life is a necessity. Attending Mass on weekdays and praying the daily Rosary would be a real help in discerning where the Lord wants you. Having a social life with girls as well as guys is also necessary in discerning your vocation. You are in our prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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