Can I have my Bible blessed?


I just bought a beautiful leather bound Bible and was wondering if I should have it blessed?? If I can have it blessed, would it be wrong to underline, take notes in the margins, etc.?? This will be used as my main study bible.


Hi Sister Mouse :wave: – BTW I love your logon name. BY ALL MEANS, IF YOU HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY GET YOUR BIBLE BLESSED!!! Also, as far as I know, yes, you can still write in it. I had a particular New Testament and also a Psalmer for several years before I got eather one blessed. Both of which have my share of notes and underlines in them both. I also have a Bible that was blessed during a retreat which I’ve written in since. I’m sure there is absolutely no problem with it. Just check out Dr. Scott Hahn’s Bible on Our Father’s Plan when you have a chance. It’s got extensive underlines in it. I’m sure he’s probably had it blessed at some point.



Mine are all blessed and so is my Christian Prayer. Seems like a good thing to do since the Holy Spirit speaks through Scripture. Your Bible sounds gorgeous; your notes will make it even more precious to you. May God bless, enlighten and enliven your study.

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