Can I have my marriage blessed the Catholic Church?

My husband and I got married a couple of months ago. We got married with the Justice of the peace. We are both born and raised in the Catholic church. My husband was never married, but I was married before but to the Justice of the peace. I got divorced and now and my ex-spouse is deased. Now that my ex-spouse has passed away, could we get our marriage blessed?

Yes. Based on the information you have provided you could have had your marriage blessed from the beginning. For a Catholic to be validly married he or she needs to be married in the Church or receive a dispensation to be married elsewhere. Since you are a Catholic and your previous marriage was a civil marriage it would not have been valid.

However all of that is moot given that your ex is now deceased. The marriage bond ceases at death and therefore any question of the validity of your previous marriage is now irrelevant.

You are free to have your marriage validated (i.e. blessed) in the Church.

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